GGPoker Giving Away Millions

GGPoker had some massive promotions and giveaways available to start to new year, but there is another new year to celebrate. In order to celebrate the Year of the Dragon, GGPoker is giving away up to $15 million in the Lunar New Year Giveaway. 

This promotion is going to begin on January 26th, and it will last all the way through February 29th, with some great giveaways taking place. Loyal customers at GGPoker are used to seeing these giveaways from the operator, but new players can also get into this celebration. 

GGPoker is trying to cash in on the momentum that came from the Winter Giveaway as there was $23 million given away to begin the new year. Below is a breakdown of this giveaway promotion as well as where to check in order to get the top prizes. 

Many Ways to Win

Most of the online poker companies are going to hand out prizes based on cash tournaments, but that’s not necessarily the case with this promotion. A majority of the money will be given out in leaderboard giveaways as winners can take home up to $8 million in prize money. 

Players will also be eligible to win up to $3 million by cashing in GGCare and GGCheers rewards points. There will also be Red Envelope cash drops offered by GGPoker during this promotion, and another $3 million is going to be handed out. 

While a majority of the cash is going to be claimed by existing customers, now is the perfect time to sign up for a new account at GGPoker. There will be $1 million reserved for new customers, and this is the perfect time to cash in. 

GGPoker wants you to enter into the various contests and tournaments that will be held over the next month, but simply logging in can also unlock some big prizes. There are poker events taking place throughout the month of February, but this event from GGPoker is going to be a bit different. 

Different Game Styles Offered

There are plenty of different poker games offered at GGPoker, but it won’t really matter what games are played during this event. Racking up points and getting to the top of the leaderboard is what will really matter as that is when the biggest prizes are going to be handed out. 

Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular online poker formats, and $1.75 million will be handed out to players that perform well in this event. Pot Limit Omaha is another popular game, and it’s also going to come with the same prizes available. 

Being a great online poker player isn’t the only way to win big prizes throughout this event though as some of the rewards are going to be random. Red envelopes of cash are going to be given out to players that are competing in events.

Those red envelopes will include various cash prizes, and customers should look for these random prizes while competing in the top events during this promotion.


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