GGPoker Signs New Brand Ambassador

Social media poker sensation has now been included in the list of GGPoker ambassadors, one that contains the likes of Daniel Negreanu and Fedor Holz. The new addition is “King of Instagram” Dan Bilzerian. The self-styled influencer has 32 million followers on Instagram and claims to have pioneered the loose-aggressive playing style in poker.

In a news release by Negreanu announcing the signing, he said, “Dan joining Team GGPoker is a huge win. No one in poker has a bigger reach than Dan. He has won millions in cash games and is not afraid to get into the mix against the sharks in the high-stakes streets at GGPoker. With the signing, GGPoker hopes that the Instagram sensation will attract big cash games to the site. GGPoker made a post on Twitter to welcome Blizerian, asking poker fans to stay tuned to find out what the player will be up to.

In what might seem to be a shot fired to “math nerds” Dan is pleased with the services of GGPoker. In his words, “In these crazy times, GGPoker is the best option to get my poker on. They cater to the recreational players and that is the future of poker, not a bunch of math nerds. I have battled guys from the $2 buy-in to the $200,000 buy-in tables at GGPoker, and will be working with GG to make cash games tables even better for the average player out there.”

It is surely going to be an exciting time for poker lovers as Dan Bilzerian is a very vocal individual. He might play against the world’s best poker players and prove to the world that he is in fact, the man who pioneered the loose aggressive style, as he claims.

Over the years, Dan has been involved in numerous prop bets with other poker players. The most notable is the close to $1 million win across Las Vegas and Los Angeles. He shuffled both cities in two days to achieve this, also employing the service of Lance Armstrong as his trainer. He has also made appearances in blockbuster movies, some of which he helped finance; such as Extraction, Olympus has Fallen, etc.

Scandals Over the Years

As a result of his personality, he has had his fair share of legal issues. Dan is the CEO of a company and is currently being sued by the former CEO on charges of fraud. The company sells e-cigarettes and CBD oils. The former CEO is convinced that Bilzerian uses funds from the company’s coffers to sponsor his lavish lifestyle.

He is a very peculiar character and some industry experts are not entirely pleased with the signing. His history is the main focus of the raised eyebrows as he has had several lawsuits filed against him. In 2014, a model sued him for $1 million after alleging a brawl in a Miami nightclub. A porn actress also alleged that he threw her off the roof of his house into a pool. He had also been arrested for bomb-making charges and only got out of that after he released a PSA to avoid spending some time in prison.

However, one of the biggest online poker freerolls is being organized by GGPoker to commemorate his signing as a birthday present for “Blitz”. It will take place on Monday, December 7, and comes with a whopping $100,000 guarantee. It is open to all new GGPoker players who deposit at least $10 and use the code “BLTZ40” when signing up. At least 50 percent of the field will win cash prizes, while the winner will go home with at least $10,000.


Logan is based in Los Angeles and is an avid poker player having played in tournaments across the globe. He covers both poker & regulatory affairs.