Gregory Teboul Wins $777,777 in 2022 WSOP Event No. 75:$777 Lucky Sevens No-Limit Hold’em

The 2022 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Event No. 75:$777 Lucky Sevens No-Limit Hold'em (seven-handed) had 6,903 entrants who created a $3,517,898 prize pool.

Gregory Teboul beat Rodney Turvin after gathering more chips and won $777,777 and his first WSOP gold bracelet. The tournament had several Day 1 flights, and it lasted for five days.

It had 285 players at the beginning of Day 2, and they were reduced to nine entrants only who proceeded to Day 3. Still, 989 players won money as the average min-cash was $1,244.

Teboul was in the middle of the stack standing early on Day 3 when Turvin took over the lead. The latter maintained his chip lead up to when the heads-up battle started as he traded the lead several times with the former.

The Final Table Results

  1. Gregory Teboul from France – $777,777
  2. Rodney Turvin from the U.S. – $400,777
  3. Christopher Farmer from the U.S. – $207,777
  4. James Hughes from the U.S. – $154,777
  5. Jed Stewart from the U.S. – $116,777
  6. Kyle Miholich from the U.S. – $87,777
  7. Allen Cunningham from the U.S. – $66,777

Notable players who signed up in the tournament included Kazuki Ikeuchi, Andrew Barber, Chris Tryba, Rajee Wazwaz, James Mackey, Allen Cuningham, Mike Takayama, and Santiago Soriano. Each of them took home more than $4,000.

Action on the Final Day

The nine finalists resumed playing at noon at two tables. Paul De La Soujeole got busted first within an hour after he made an all-in call from Cunningham. But, the latter eliminated the former using an ace.

The two tables merged into an unofficial final table. Braxton Moore shoved 6,000,000 chips and lost them to James Hughes.

Cunningham is a five-time bracelet champion. Yet, he lost a battle of the blinds to Teboul, who sent him packing. Kyle Miholich wore a Jack In the Box mask, and he doubled up Hughes.

Unfortunately, a blind-versus-blind moment against Rodney Turvin made him lose all his chips and made him finish sixth.

Jed Stewart went all-in against the chip leader, knowing that Turvin's ace-six hand's six would eliminate him. This was a self-fulfilling prophecy that turned true as the next hand turned out as a six, thus giving Turvin a two pair.

Three eliminations took place in the final hour as Hughes lost to Christopher Farmer and Turvin busted Farmer. Turvin had double the chips that Teboul had. But, the latter overtook him after hitting several consecutive big blinds.

Turvin shoved 61,000,000 chips all in using an ace-six and ran into Teboul's ace-ten. Yet, he hit a ten, and Turbin drew dead as Teboul won the tournament.

Teboul's Reaction After Winning

Teboul had a supportive rail that cheered him when he won the gold bracelet. He said that winning a Las Vegas tournament wasn't a small achievement as this was his fifth year in the famous gaming destination.

The player began his poker career more than 15 years ago by playing cards with some of his close friends. Yet, he shifted to tournaments four years ago, and his previous biggest cash was $31,583 that he won earlier this month on the $400 WSOP Daily Deepstack. Audrey coaches him and has played a crucial role in his recent success.


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