Hard Rock Atlantic City Debuts Innovative Live Slots Online

With so many new and exciting things happening in the online gambling industry in the US, we mostly get to talk about new sites or new games launching, but it really is the same type of offering in general. However, this week, a brand-new development has been announced that is a first for New Jersey but also the world at large. Hard Rock Atlantic City has announced that their online casino will be offering live slots.

Now, we are used to online casinos offering live table games like blackjack and baccarat, but live slot games are definitely a first! The company revealed the new space for their live slot games on Monday, during a press conference, introducing the world to a new concept known as Online Live Slots.

Details of the Games

The new Online Live Slots are located at the Atlantic City casino across from the Fresh Harvest Buffet. They can be played by players who are online in the state of New Jersey. Softweave Ltd. helped to create the ground-breaking technology that allows this concept to become a reality.

The enclosed slot game room can be seen by customers who are at the Hard Rock Atlantic City, but the door to the space is locked up tight. There are 12 slot machines in the room and these games can only be accessed via the app of the Hard Rock casino.

So, How Do You Play?

With live dealer table games, players have a dealer who makes the moves for them once they decide on their bets. But how do players take part in live slot gaming from home? First, players must choose their game. The Hard Rock is offering popular land-based games that players do not have access to traditionally online such as Hotter than Blaze and Leprecoins.

The titles are located in the special room among the real slot games. If the machine is in use online, then the play button will be grayed out. The system online will alert players once the game is free to play.

Once players start spinning the Live Slots, there is a one-second delay from the time the spin button is hit and the reels start moving. The unique concept is certainly something that will set the Hard Rock apart from their online competitors.

Hard Rock International senior vice president of online gaming and sports betting, Kresimi Spajic, commented that the brand is excited to introduce a new way to play the floor favorites without being at the casino. With the Live Slots, players are controlling the physical slot machines from afar by using a desktop computer, laptop, mobile device or tablet.

Increasing Momentum

The Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City is certainly trying to increase their momentum in 2020. This unique concept is vastly different from what other online casino operators are offering in New Jersey. The brand has come a long way since launching back in June 2018 via their land-based operations and shortly after online, on July 3rd.

For 2019, the Hard Rock property earned $22.5 million in online gaming revenues and the December totals came in at over 67% more than the previous year. The brand continues to develop new ways to entice their player base and bring in new members to enjoy gaming.

We shall see just how popular the Live Slots are in the coming weeks and most likely will see other operators move to offer similar type technology in the near future.


Logan is based in Los Angeles and is an avid poker player having played in tournaments across the globe. He covers both poker & regulatory affairs.