Hard Rock Opens a New Venue in Florida — It Looks Like a Huge Guitar

If you happen to visit South Florida, don’t be alarmed, there are no giants who happen to be rock musicians leaving their instruments on the street. That huge guitar that you can see is Hard Rock’s latest venue, which is 450 feet tall.

It is one of the standard HRI hotels and casinos offered by this tribal gambling operator, and it will make every rock fan out there drop their jaws to the ground. This amazing tribute to rock music and guitars is definitely the best reason to visit Hollywood, Fla., especially if you are a rock and metal fan.

However, the venue is not built with a specific target audience in mind. Everyone who likes playing casino games and staying in a luxurious hotel is welcome to go there and experience everything that is usually offered by Hard Rock venues.

The hotel takes up a huge part of the venue, as it has a total of 600 rooms, and it was one of the main focuses of the Seminole tribe, which is the main organization behind Hard Rock International. The venue is built to catch everyone’s attention and to offer great hospitality and entertainment services.

The total cost of this project is approximately $1.5 billion, and there’s a good reason for that. The tribe wanted it to be grand and captivating. The guitar-shaped building can be seen from the air from miles away, so if you’re traveling by airplane and you go to Florida, you will be able to witness how magnificent it is.

This is available only during the day, of course, but the building has a similar vibe during the night as well. Namely, the venue has an amazing light show which mimics the guitar strings. It makes the entire building more interesting and completes the Hard Rock experience.

More Than A Hotel

However, the hotel is not the only thing that is part of the property. In fact, there is also a concert and an event hall. You need to admit it — it wouldn’t be much of a guitar if it didn’t produce any music for its visitors.

Three acts were present during the opening ceremony — Post Malone, Billy Joel, and Sting. However, the official act to start the concert season will be Maroon 5.

Hard Rock International CEO James F. “Jim” Allen stated that he was pretty excited about opening the new venue, and that he was very happy to make the whole thing happen. He added that they wanted to keep things simple when it comes to the design of the guitar-shaped building so that it was not associated with any particular band, guitar player or guitar brand.

However, one must admit that the building looks pretty similar to Gibson guitars, as they are one of the official partners of Hard Rock International.

Finally, he stated that the Hard Rock brand was more present and stronger than ever with the opening of the new venue in Florida. On top of that, he added that it represents much more than a “beverage, food and place to stay.”

Naturally, the hotel and the concert venue are not everything there is inside the huge guitar. In fact, everyone who wants to visit the property will also be able to enjoy various restaurants, swimming pools, shops, and more.

Needless to say, there is also a special part of the property devoted to a casino, which is also a part of the standard offer of Hard Rock International venues. Therefore, make sure to pay the big guitar a visit next time you’re in Florida!


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