High-Limit Gaming Space Opened at San Manuel Casino

San Manuel Casino announced that it is opening the new section which will be devoted exclusively to high-limit gaming. The new space is called The Vault Gaming & Provisions, and it is a combination of luxury and intrigue. The newest addition to this casino will add another layer of entertainment to San Manuel Casino and its high-limit gaming experience, which is already one of the best in the US.

Peter Arceo is the General Manager of San Manuel Casino, and he stated that they strived to bring the latest gaming and entertainment experience to all the guests who visited the casino. Furthermore, he added that The Vault Gaming & Provisions offered all the things that VIP guests would love to have upon visiting high-limit gaming areas. He concluded that the staff at San Manuel Casino was excited to bring such an “unrivaled and sophisticated space” that would create experiences players would remember forever.

The Victorian era was a very inspiring period, as a lot of steam-powered machines were invented back then. That has been the main source of inspiration for designers of The Vault Gaming & Provisions, who created a unique environment that will transport the players back in time to that era, which is a bit modified so that it gives off the steampunk vibe. In fact, the steampunk design approach has been the main guideline for the designers.

As soon as the guests enter this new room, their experience begins. They will enter through a huge vault door and will immediately have an opportunity to see many mechanical references to steampunk and other retro-futuristic things that fit perfectly. There is also a huge mechanical corridor where you get to meet a special concierge who will help you develop a unique guest experience that is personalized for every visitor.

Apart from being very exciting and cool-looking the entire site is huge as well, with a total of 18,000 sq ft of gaming floor that includes a total of 185 high-limit slots where you can stake up to $500. Furthermore, there are eight table games where visitors can play games such as blackjack or baccarat. Limits in the table games are set to $10,000.

There is also an exclusive VIP gaming salon which is separated from the main gaming are and offers an intimate atmosphere which is further divided into two smaller gaming rooms. VIP guests who decide to enter this are will have private lockers, private bathrooms, and even dedicated service, which will make the entire experience even more personalized. The place is decorated with metal grills and wooden walls that would further increase the entire steampunk feel for VIP guests. Those who decide to play table games in the exclusive gaming salon part will have an opportunity to test the limits which are set up to $15,000.

Apart from the exclusive interior and gaming experience, guests will also have an opportunity to try some of the creative dishes from the unique menu that was created for this gaming floor only. The main person who came up with the exclusive menu is Chef Jerrol Brooks, who is the Executive Chef for The Vault Gaming & Provisions by San Manuel Casino. Some of the dishes that visitors will be able to tase include mini roadside Wagyu burger, and many others.

If you are a person who enjoys tasting various drinks, you will not be disappointed as The Vault Gaming & Provisions prepared a wide variety of cocktails and mocktails made from fresh ingredients. Furthermore, guests will be able to taste various spirits and wine which are very rare (some of them are rather expensive).


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