Hinkle Wins Big in Kansas City

The RunGood Poker Series has been making a stop in Kansas City, and the Main Event of this poker series just took place. The main event was a $1,100 no-limit hold’em event, and there were 477 players that signed up to compete in the big tournament. 

These series tend to draw some of the best local players from each area, and that was the case again during this event. When the dust had settled, Blair Hinkle walked away with the grand prize of $92,228, and he also racked up 720 POY points because of this win. 

While Hinkle might not be one of the most well-known players when it comes to larger events, he is someone that has continued to have success on the RunGood Poker Series. This was the fourth time that he has won a Main Event title in this series, and he is now up to more than $5 million while playing live poker. 

This is not even the first time that Hinkle has been able to find success year as he finished in third place at another Main Event competition earlier in the year. In the Missouri State Poker Championship Series, Hinkle was able to win more than $64,000, and he is currently in 114th place when it comes to the Global Poker standings. 

All of this success on the RGPS might eventually convince Hinkle to enter some of the bigger tournaments, but he is a local poker legend when it comes to this state. 

A Look at the Action

The action at this tournament was terrific, even though Hinkle always seemed to be in complete control of this competition. He had the most chips when the final nine at the table were set, and then immediately won the first hand that was played at the final table. 

Michael Lucas was the next to challenge Hinkle after two more eliminations, but he also suffered the same fate as some other players before him. Shaun Emery was also dishing out some eliminations at this event, and he was able to get to heads up play to battle Hinkle. 

Since there was a sizeable lead for Hinkle ahead of heads up play, it forced Emery to be extremely aggressive, and that just didn’t work out in this favor. Emery was looking for a six or jack on the river, but ultimately fell short, giving Hinkle the win. 

Final Table Results

While there were 9 players at the final table, only eight of these players were able to cash in with over $10,000. Here is a look at the top eight in this field, and the amount of money that each player was able to walk away with. 

  1. Blair Hinkle $92,228
  2. Shaun Emery $61,485
  3. Cory Smith $45,473
  4. Beau Wilshire $33,971
  5. Michael Lucas $25,637
  6. Zack Steutermann $19,546
  7. Colin Riesman $15,058
  8. Frank Kissick $11,722

All of these players also earned valuable POY points, and that points will allow the players to enter into bigger events later on in the year.


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