Housewarming Exceeds Its Guarantee As Dan Smith Wins the $25,000 Heads-Up Championship

The 2022 World Series of Poker (WSOP) had a packed day on June 4. The $25,000 Heads-Up Championship had announced only one bracelet winner, and it continued having more action.

Smith's First WSOP Bracelet

The Event No. 6:$25,000 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em Championship awarded one bracelet on Saturday. It was after Dan Smith beat 63 opponents and won the $509,717 prize along with a gold bracelet. He got emotional after beating Christoph Vogelsang, who went home with $315,029.

Many poker enthusiasts have called Smith "the best player without a bracelet" for a long period. But that title no longer suits him as he won his first bracelet last weekend.

The American player has narrowly missed the bracelet in several WSOP events in the past. For example, he finished second in the 2016 High Roller for One Drop and won more than $3 million. He has finished among the top three eight times and won over $10 million in his brief poker career.

Smith's Remarks After Winning the Event

Smith stated that he was shocked when he won the gold bracelet since the match was tough. Many hands were crazy, and things seemed to go against him. Typically, he isn't sentimental, but the bracelet made him get emotional.

The player likes making charity donations, and he formed the Double Up Drive to help the needy. He will continue the campaign after winning the bracelet.

Smith claimed that his victory will be a key checkbox in his legacy as an all-timer. He is grateful for the support that the poker community has consistently given to his drive.

2022 WSOP Event No.6 Final Table's Results

  1. Dan Smith from the U.S. – $509,717
  2. Christoph Vogelsang from Germany – $315,029
  3. Dario Sammartino from Italy – $193,537
  4. Kevin Rabichow from the U.S. – $193,537
  5. Sean Winter from the U.S. – $75,045
  6. Jonathan Jaffe from the U.S. – $75,045
  7. Chance Kornuth from the U.S. – $75,045
  8. Dylan Destefano from the U.S. – $75,045

Jared Griener Is a Stack Leader After 2022 WSOP Housewarming's Day 1c

There were 5,526 entrants in the 2022 WSOP Event No.5:$500 The Housewarming No-Limit Hold'em's Day 1c at Paris Las Vegas and Bally's. It is the highest number of entries ever seen in a day in the series, and they created a $2,320,920 prize pool.

This made the event have a $5,381,040 running total, thus exceeding its $5 million guarantee. A total of 249 players ended the day after playing on two levels hence joining 311 entrants who had qualified.

Jared Griener has over $2.2 million in poker tournament earnings and is the leading all-time money player who resides in Utah. He won 2,300,000 chips while advancing to Day 2.

George "Tony" Degon was the first player on the evening of Day 1c. he had 4,665,000 chips as Day 2 began at 10 a.m. on June 6.

The poker pro joined players such as Yohonn Sagot, Jean-Francois Alexandre, and Roberto Begni. Jeffrey Rogers and James Little. Kathy Liebert, a member of the women's Poker Hall of Fame advanced to Day 2 with 95,000 chips.

The top 10 chip counts in Day 1c Housewarming:

  1. George Degon from the U.S. – 4,665,000 chips
  2. Jason Johnson from the U.S. – 3,575,000 chips
  3. Jack Najjar from the U.S. – 3,290,000 chips
  4. Jeffrey Rogers from the U.S. – 3,035,000 chips
  5. Benjamin Mccoy from the U.S. – 3,025,000 chips
  6. Gurunagaraju Salla from the U.S. – 2,935,000 chips
  7. Jean-Francois Alexandre from Canada – 2,920,000 chips
  8. William Givens from the U.S. – 2,920,000 chips
  9. Spencer Tep from the U.S. – 2,800,000 chips
  10. Yohann Sagot from the U.S. – 2,750,000 chips


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