“HuppaDup” Wins $11,458 at the $100,000 Guaranteed Sunday Party

PartyPoker organized a $100,000 Guaranteed Sunday Party tournament that featured 939 players who formed a $6,100 overlay. However, only the leading 159 entrants cashed in the event. Matt Staples and Jaime Staples from Team PartyPoker signed up in the recent tournament.

Jaime got busted early in the event and Matt’s run ended in the 149th position with a $200.80 payout. Only 16 players advanced to Day 2, HuppaDup being the stack leader with 10,417,672 chips.

Even so, vladich123 followed closely with 9,985,527 chips. HuppaDup defied the odds when they maintained the stack lead up to the final hand to win the title and $11,459 top prize.

The Top Finalists’ Scores

  1. HuppaDup- a $11,458 total prize; a $6,348 prize and $5,110 bounties
  2. dynamtikaj- a $7,740 total prize; a $6,338 prize and $1,402 bounties
  3. RESPECTdaBet01- a $5,308 total prize; a $4,205 prize and $1,103 bounties
  4. lennarttrolle-a $4,234 total prize; a $2,733 prize and $1,501 bounties
  5. WickedWinzero-a $2,540 total prize; a $1,871 prize and $669 bounties
  6. New folder- a $3,143 total prize; a $1,446 prize and $1,697 bounties
  7. vladich123- a $1,378 total prize; a $1,069 prize and $309 bounties
  8. nonbeliever- a $903 total prize; a $853 prize and $50 bounties
  9. GREENVOG99- a $1,066 total prize; a $679 prize and $387 bounties

How The Final Day Unfolded

The tournament’s final day’s action began on November 27 at 8:05 p.m. However, luck wasn’t on mardaturan’s side despite being third on the leaderboard early in the day. The player was the third finalist to leave the tournament.

Most of the entrants who had huge stacks when the day kicked off reached the nine-handed final table. Nonbeliever was the only top finalist to leave the table in eighth place with a three-figure payout after GREENVOG99’s run ended in the ninth position.

The former struggled to reach the table and only busted one player on the final day. vladich123 and New folder got busted in the seventh and sixth place respectively. the former wasn’t aggressive at the table but they took home $1,378 while the latter won $3,143.

New folder’s payout was $600 higher than WickedWinzero’s $2,540 that he won after finishing fifth. The former busted nine players in the final day and got the second-largest bounty collection in the tournament.

lennarttrolle exited the event in fourth place with $4,234 and RESPECTdaBet01 followed them in the third position with $5,308. The latter’s elimination kicked off a battle of the blinds between dynmitkaj and HuppaDup.

Each of the two finalists received more than $6,300 from the pool and competed for the remaining bounties. They exchanged the stack lead several times before HuppaDup got a significant lead and sent dynmitkaj packing in second place with $7,440.

PokerStars will host a $109 Buy-In $100,000 Guaranteed Sunday Party on December 3 from 7:05 GMT. Any player can try their luck by participating in the $0.01 satellites to win a seat.


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