Ian Simpson Wins $4,252 in $109 Buy-In $15,000 Guaranteed Sunday PKO Rumble

888poker recently appointed Ian "Simpioni" Simpson as its ambassador. The skilled poker player had an unsuccessful 2022 World Series of Poker (WSOP) this year. But luck was on his side last weekend when he won $4,252 in the $109 buy-in $15,000 guaranteed Sunday PKO Rumble.

The PKO Rumble had 210 entrants, some of whom were re-entries. They formed a $21,000 prize pool and exceeded the initial guarantee by $6,000. The event's top five finalists scored a four-figure prize.

The Sunday PKO Rumble $109 Final Table's Results

  1. Ian "Simpioni" Simpson from the United Kingdom won $4,252, including $2,234 bounties and a $2,017 prize
  2. Fisherman95 from Romania won $3,052 including $1,035 bounties and a $2,017 prize
  3. ARMYIN from Armenia won $1,904 comprising $704 bounties and a $1,200 prize
  4. Fairenuf2 from Romania won $1,081, including $218 bounties and a $863 prize
  5. GYLOARD1000 from Montenegro won $1,197, comprising $571 bounties and a $625 prize
  6. Christian "chrisfrimodt" Frimodt Pedersen from Denmark won $503, including $50 bounties and a $453 prize
  7. Andrey "andrey59" Luis from Brazil won $418 comprising $87 bounties and a $330 prize
  8. BradTilt from Andorra won $560, including $318 bounties and a $241 prize
  9. R.Madrid2001 from Malta won $308, including $131 bounties and a $177 prize

Action on the Final Table

"GUYLORD1000" was the first finalist to get a four-figure score when he won $1,197. "Fairenuf2" won $1,081 and "ARMYNIN" won $1,904. Simpson and "Fisherman95" had even chips, but none of them created a gap between them. Besides, a big pot gave Simpson a crucial stack lead.

Fisherman95 check-called some wagers on the turn and flop before making an over-bet shove check-call on the river. He used jack-nine to flop a Broadway straight while Simpson used king-ten to flop two pair backed a full house on the river.

The hand reduced Fisherman95's stack to four big blinds as Simpson held more than 100 big blinds. The former doubled up, and his chances of making a comeback reduced after Simpson used ten-eight to shove. Fisherman95 used ace-nine to call.

An all-queen flop kept Fisherman95 ahead. But, a ten on the turn changed things when it got Simpson into a full house, and a brick on the river sent Fisherman95 home in second place with $3,052.

"NL_Sport" Performs Well at 888poker

NL_Sport won almost $28,000 after winning and finishing as a runner-up in two 888pooker high-stakes events. He finished second in the $40,000 Big Shot. It was a $1,050 buy-in event with 48 entrants who formed a $48,000 prize pool.

The top six finishers in the tournament won money. "dotuletul" won $2,880, "BetBetFck won $3,360, and "NuttedOn875" took home $4,800.

The remaining three finalists at the table paused playing to negotiate a deal that was successful. "nusoviau" finished third with $11,300, NL_Sport finished second with $12,865 as "mully8" won $12,793 after being the last man standing.

The Big Shot $1,050 Final Table's Results

  1. Mylly8 from Finland – $12,793
  2. NL_Sport from Lithuania – $12,865
  3. Nusoviau from Lithuania – $11,300
  4. NuttedOn875 – $4,800
  5. BetBetFck from Ukraine – $3,360
  6. Doruletul from Romania – $2,880

NL_Sport won $15,123 in the $525 buy-in Texas 8-Max High Roller tournament that partly formed The Festival Online. It had 101 entrants who formed a $55,500 prize pool. Five of the event's eight finalists were from Lithuania.


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