Iaromachikne Wins $16,223 in the Texas 8-Max Tournament As Players Prepare for The Festival Online Main Event

888poker is almost winding up The Festival Online as three tournaments are remaining on its schedule.

Iaromachinke is among the players that poker enthusiasts might see in the three tournaments after he won the Texas 8-Max championship. The poker pro beat 1,047 entrants and took home $16,223.

The Final Table's Results

  1. Iaromachikne from Brazil – $16,223
  2. MIKEPOSTLE from Ireland – $11,831
  3. GediminasDir from Lithuania – $8,698
  4. grantymore94 from the United Kingdom – $6,445
  5. jonatas920 from Brazil – $4,768
  6. Bernado807 from Brazil – $3,563
  7. xadp05 from Denmark – $2,682
  8. Iamedos from the United Kingdom – $2,033

Action on the Final Day

Iamedos went home first after earning $2,033 from his $109 investment. xadp05 followed him after 30 minutes when he used ace-queen to go all-in in a three-bet, and Iaromachikne made a min-raise under the gun.

grantymore94 used pocket jacks to make a cold call while Iaromachikne folded. The former did a set flop and busted xadp05 in seventh place with $2,682.

The two Brazilian poker players got busted next. Bernado807 staked his remaining 11 big blinds in a middle preflop using ace-five. But, they ran into GediminasDir's pocket jacks.

jonatas920 put the last 8.2 big blinds in a pot using a suited nine-five when he flopped a five, but Iaromachikne beat him using pocket sixes. Bernado807 won $3,563 while jonatas920 took home $4,768.

Grantymore94 made a wrong move that ended his run in the last hour. Iaromachikne used ace-nine to min-raise on the button while grantymore94 placed 12.3 big blinds in a three-bet all-in using six-five of diamonds from the big blind.

Iaromachikne called before flopping a nine and hitting trips on the river that sent grantymore94 packing in fourth place with $6,445. A heads-up battle was set after GediminasDir exited the event in third place with $8,698.

Iaromachikne raised the big blind thrice and called as GediminasDir went all-in in a three-bet of almost 25.5 big blinds. The latter held pocket sixes that Iaromachikne's pocket nines crushed. The nines were the best hand after an ace-high board turned and sent GediminasDir packing.

Iaromachikne had a 12:1 chip advantage over MIKEPOSTLE when heads-up action began. Yet, the tournament didn't continue for long.

MIKEPOSTLE went all-in with seven big blinds using queen-six in the final hand, and he urgently required help to beat the dominating ace-queen.

Yet, he didn't get it and finished the tournament as a runner-up with $11,831. Iaromachikne took home the tournament's title and $16,223.

The $150,000 Guaranteed Main Event Will Shuffle Up and Deal on July 31

The Festival Online will end this weekend as the $215 Buy-On $150,000 Guaranteed Main Event deals on July 31. It has an amazing structure as entrants will sit behind 500 big blinds or 30,000 chips. The blinds will begin at 30/60/7a and rise after 12 minutes intervals.

Only nine entrants will remain as Day 1 ends and compete for a huge part of the prize pool and the title. They will resume playing on August 1 as the 888poker Twitch personnel monitors them keenly.

Two more The Festival Online tournaments will take place after the Main Event. They include the $109 Buy-In Afterparty with a $15,000 guarantee and the $525 Texas High Roller Finale with a $50,000 guarantee.


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