Ignition Casino Launches New Games

Ignition Casino is not one of the first names that many think of when it comes to this industry, but it’s working to try and change that. This online casino always tends to have a great catalog of online casino games, but there have also been some new titles added. 

Most of the new games are going to come in the form of online slots, but those aren’t the only options available at Ignition Casino. Here is a look at three of the best new games available at Ignition Casino.

Gold Hunters

The new Gold Hunters game will feature three different hunters that work together to try and find the most gold to increase your winning potential. There are three rows and five reels found on this game, and 10 different paylines can be unlocked. 

Like most online casino games, searching for bonus symbols is the goal when searching for gold along with the hunters. Finding three bonus symbols on one single spin will unlock a brand new game board and that is when the biggest prizes can be won. 

The minimum bet in this game is just $0.10, but that’s not going to unlock the biggest wins that are possible. One of the top features of this game is that you can actually buy the bonus round, but that cost is going to be determined by what shows up on the screen. 

There are other key features of this game as well, but most of them involve the bonus symbols of some sort. It’s unclear how long this game will last at Ignition Casino, and it’s worth a play due to the big winning potential available. 

Top Card Trumps

Top Card Trumps is not an online slots game, but instead it’s a card game that is pretty easy to understand. While there are some card games that are tough to figure out, this game can be won by simply holding a higher card than the dealer. 

After placing a bet, the dealer will hand out a card and that is where the game really begins. If your card is higher than the card from the dealer than you are going to win your stake. 

There is also a chance that your card will be the same as the dealer, and that will trigger a war situation. You will be given the chance to bet again if this happens and you could end up doubling up your winnings based on what happens. 

3 Kings Scratch

3 Kings Scratch is another new card game, and this falls in line with the category of scratch games that have become so popular. There are actually three games rolled into one when it comes to 3 Kings Scratch, and that makes things extremely exciting for players. 

Ignition Casino has added some twists on this game to make it a bit different than what you will find at other online casinos. There is a chance to win big in this game, especially if you are able to win more than once with each play.


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