Illinois Casino Industry News

The casino industry in the state of Illinois is one of the biggest in the country, and it’s also one that will soon see some expansion. There is a big casino set to open up later this summer, but there is also some concern about the planned casino in Chicago.

While Illinois lawmakers continue to argue about the online casino industry, the commercial gaming industry continues to produce some big results. A new part of the state will soon get a chance to place bets in person, but it’s not the area that has been the biggest focus. 

Hard Rock Rockford Sets Opening Date

The Hard Rock Casino Rockford will finally be open at it’s permanent location, and will end a wait that has lasted more than two years. There has been a temporary location in Rockford, but that doesn’t offer the same amenities as a traditional commercial casino. 

The grand opening is going to take place on August 29th, and there will be a large ceremony that takes place on-site. Hard Rock International released a statement to set the opening date, and it’s going to create over 400 new jobs in that area of the state. 

Construction at this site originally began way back in September 2022, but there have been some issues along the way that have delayed the process. This new permanent location will be directly off of I-90, which is an interstate that is heavily congested. 

This new facility will have more than 1,300 slots available, and there will also be up to 50 live table games taking place at any given time. A brand new sportsbook is also included in the plans, and Illinois is one of the three-largest sports betting markets in the United States. 

Hard Rock already has a presence in the state of Illinois, but this new facility has the potential to become the leader in terms of action and revenue. 

Chicago Casino Doubt

Bally’s Corp has been working to bring a brand new commercial casino to the city of Chicago, and a location in the West Loop was chosen. That company has since been dealing with some financial issues, and it could put the future of the casino in jeopardy. 

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson recently met with members of the local media, and he expressed some doubt about the future of this project. This was a long battle to even hand the license to Bally’s, and this would be a significant revenue blow to the city. 

Bally’s initially agreed to spend more than $1.3 billion on this casino project, and that is why the license was handed to them. Shareholders of Bally’s are not convinced that the money is there, and they will need to deliver on the promises in order to remain relevant. 

There is currently a temporary casino in Chicago, and Bally’s has been operating that since September. City officials could choose to go in a different direction if they are not convinced that the funds will be there.


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