Ioannis Konstas Makes an Unexpected Comeback and Claims the GGOC Super MILLION$ Championship Title

Ioannis Angelou Konstas has the least chips when he participated in the GG Online Championship in the $10,300 Super MILLION$. The 1,853,092 were equal to 18.5 big blinds.

Yet, he beat other players and won his first Super MILLION$ title. The poker pro won $735,448 after making an impressive comeback in the event.

The Super MILLION$ HR Championship's Final Table

  • Ioannis Konstas from Ireland won $735,448
  • Nick Maimone from Canada got $567,108
  • Lev "LevMeAlone" Gottlieb from Mexico received $437,300
  • Rafael "BruxoR10" Caiaffa from Brazil won $337,204
  • Benjamin Rolle from Austria received $260,020
  • Daniel "Tourmination" Petersen from Austria got $200,502
  • Francisco Benitez from Uruguay won $154,608
  • Joao Vierra from Brazil got $119,219
  • Eder "BlueMoon" Campana from Brazil won $91,931

Almost an hour passed before the first player, Eder Campana, left the tournament. Lev Gottlieb got in a cutoff as he went all-in with 13.5 big blinds. Campana pressed the button to call off his stack as the two blinds folded.

Gottlieb flipped queen-six as Campana displayed ace-ten of diamonds. A few minutes later, a queen and a six appeared on the flop while another queen was on the turn. Campana went home in the ninth position and won $91,931.

Joao Viera was eager to win his first Super MILLION$ title. Unfortunately, he got eliminated in the eighth position when there were 70,000/140,000/17,500a blinds. Francisco Benitez made a 420,000-opening using ace-king in the late position.

Nick Maimone made a 5,475,347 jam from a cutoff using ace-king, but Viera used ace-queen to call off 4,941,014 chips on the button. Benitez then called off all his remaining chips. Viera missed all outs and was sent packing in eighth place with $119,219.

Konstas' Victory

Benitez shocked many spectators as he was the next poker pro to leave the final table. He held six blinds after doubling Viera's bust-out hand. The player made four big blinds raise under the gun and was left with an ante and one big blind.

Benjamin Rolle called, and Konstas went all-in with nine big blinds. Both Rolle and Benitez called. The latter got an ace-nine as he faced Konstas' pocket queens and Rolle's ace-king.

The queen won as Konstas doubled up. Benitez got eliminated in the seventh position and won $154,608.

Rafel Caiaffa made a 320,000 min-raise using king-queen under the gun as Daniel Petersen used ace-jack to place a 960,000 three-bet leaving him with 700,078 chips. The former folded when Gottlieb used ace-king to call on the button.

Petersen's remaining chips went in an eight-high flop, as Gottlieb called. The former didn't get help and left the event in sixth place with $200,502. Rolle was in the third stack position as a five-handed play began.

Still, he was the next player to leave the table after losing most of his chips when Maimone's queen-eight beat his ace-nine on a four-flush board. Rolle put his remaining 1.5 big blinds using seven-six, but Gottlieb's ace-ten defeated them, thus sending him home in fifth place with $260,020.

Gottlieb claimed Caiaffa's remaining stack and extended his lead. The latter used pocket sixes to make nine big blinds open shove while the former used king-ten to call. Unfortunately, a king on the turn eliminated Caiaffa in fourth place, earning him $337,204.

Surprisingly, Gottlieb lost many chips when a heads-up started. Maimone's ace-king beat his ace-nine and reduced his big blinds to less than 20. Konstas made a heart flush that eliminated Gottlieb in the third position with $437,300.

Everything appeared to favor Konstas based on the last hand. But, Maimone used king-queen to make a 1,200,000 min-raise before calling for his remaining 8,086,995 chips as Konstas used ace-jack to push all-in. A nine-high board made Maimone lose the title to Konstas and earned him $567,108, while the winner went home with $735,448.


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