IWG Boosts Live e-Instant Jackpot Games With the New Hampshire Lottery

Instant Win Gaming (IWG) is among the top providers of various digital e-Instant games to its member lotteries and has now added New Hampshire Lottery to be its latest launch for progressive jackpots and e-Instant enabled games.

The partnership that initially started in early July 2020 will enable players from New Hampshire to enjoy games like Jungle Tumble Jackpots. Making it the first game that features under the company’s progressive jackpot technology. The Jungle Tumble Jackpot features three jackpots that include:

• A low jackpot reward that is given out several times a day. There can be multiple winners.

• One middle-level jackpot handed to lucky players once per week.

• A high-level jackpot reward handed to players every month. Offers huge jackpot prizes.

The new module for IWG’s progressive jackpot follows a customized prize structure that meets all the requirements of the lottery. The module is tailored specifically for New Hampshire, as it ensures that all the jackpots gets paid regularly.

The Lottery Integration Process

The title Jungle Tumble Jackpot is the first of IWG’s new jackpot lottery technology. The process is simplified because the module uses IWG’s Remote Gaming Server. The idea behind the module is to reduce investments that would otherwise have gone to boost the technical support of maintaining the game.

IWG has had many games integrated into the New Hampshire Lottery before, and hopefully, Jungle Tumble Jackpot will not be the last. Last year, New Hampshire incorporated many of IWG’s online lottery titles, and all have proved to be profitable. Following this successful trend, the integration of jackpot-enabled lotteries holds a better promise of getting even higher profit margins.

According to the IWG CEO, Rhydian Fisher, the company’s focus for the games titles denotes its focus on providing quality. He further extends his appreciation to the state of New Hampshire for becoming a pioneer state to adopt the new IWG’s innovative jackpot offering.

Mr. Fisher further exerts his confidence in this bold move that is pivotal in delivering great results for the state of New Hampshire and lottery players. The launch of progressive jackpot-enhanced games is aimed to appeal to the lottery fans of New Hampshire. The combination of e-Instant games with digital entertainment is now in the form of exciting jackpot-style prizing.

As IWG goes live on New Hampshire’s Lottery, it marks the third time that a localized gaming variation has appeared in the US iLottery market. Other instances of personalized gaming versions first happened in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

It is a welcome boost because IWG specializes in the delivery of online lottery solutions. It also covers many aspects of portfolio management and game development using a Remote Game Server, RGS to deliver multiple regulated gaming content within its jurisdictions. IWG has over 300 games in its portfolio.

With this new partnership, IWG deepens its role as a leading supplier in New Hampshire for online instant win games and lotteries. So far, the company has launched successful and innovative online titles that are designed to focus on customer satisfaction.

Rebecca Kont
Rebecca Kont

Rebecca lives in Las Vegas and after completing her degree at Reynolds Journalism school joined the USGS team to pursue her journalism dreams.