Jack Hardcastle Wins WPT Main Event of Montreal Online

The World Poker Tour has been online as of late, hosting events for players based around the world, as travel is an issue due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Just recently, the WPT hosted the Montreal Online and the Main Event was a big draw among competitors. The event had a buy-in of $3,200 and a guaranteed prize pool of $2,000,000. In the end, 888 entries were paid which pushed the overall prize pool to a whopping $2,664,000!

The top 133 players received a payout and it was Jack Hardcastle of the United Kingdom who won the first-place prize of $447,859!

Final Table Play

It would take three days of gaming before the final table would begin. At the top of the chip counts was professional player Dan Shak. The first to be eliminated from the competition was Upeshka De Silva, who was taken out by Rayan Chamas.

The two were all in with De Silva holding A-K off-suit and Chamas holding A-K of clubs. Three clubs fell on the board which gave Chamas the flush and the hand. De Silva would have to settle for just over $37,000 in prize money.

Next to go was Marcel Kunze when he took on Andrei Kriazhev with A-J. The A-K of his competitor was too hard to beat and he was out in 8thplace. Next to go was Jakob Miegel followed by Charles Chattha and Kriazhev.

Felix Schulze would fall next and this would lead to three-handed play. Chamas had a slight lead over Hardcastle at this time. However, it would not be long before Hardcastle would retake the lead after taking out Shak in third plafce.

The two would be all in with Shak the lower stack. Shak held K-J off-suit while Hardcastle held A-5 of clubs. A five on the river gave Hardcastle a pair and the win. It was just enough to kick out Shak and start the heads-up round with Chamas.

Final Round

Hardcastle had an almost two to one chip lead when heads-up play began. The two would battle back and forth for some time before the final hand took place, with Hardcastle in the lead. Chamas would raise with J-3 off-suit from the small blind. Hardcastle would hold with 9-8 of hearts.
The flop showed A-9-7 and Hardcastle check called when Chamas bet. The turn revealed a King and Hardcastled check-called Chamas again. Eventually, Chamas was all-in and Hardcastle called. The 8 of diamonds on the river gave Hardcastle two pair and it was enough to earn the hand and the tournament win.

Final Results:

Place |  Player   | Prize
First    Jack Hardcastle    $447,859
Second     Rayan Chamas    $308,703
Third    Dan Shak    $212,459
Fourth    Felix Schulze   $139,164
Fifth    Andrei Kriazhev    $95,673
Sixth    Charles Chattha    $74,119
Seventh    Jakob Miegel    $58,650
Eighth    Marcel Kunze    $46,685
Ninth    Upeshka De Silva    $37,024
The Montreal Online is just the beginning of what the World Poker Tour has planned for this year. The New Year has just begun and already players have been able to enjoy premium tournament action!
Conor Stack
Conor Stack

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