Jack Keller III Is the Newest RGPS Tunica Champion

Horseshoe hosted the recent RunGood Poker Series (RGPS) Main Event. It featured 661 players and had a $396,300 that only the leading 82 entrants shared.

Jack Keller III emerged the winner after busting skilled opponents at the final table. He took home his maiden RGPS title and $62,826.

His victory helped him secure an RGPS Dream Seat in Thunder Valley later in the month. Still, he will have free entry into the RunGood Champions event that can earn him a seat at PokerGo Studio’s $1,000,000 freeroll.

The Tournament’s Largest Scores

  1. Jack Keller-$62,826
  2. Brian Winter-$41,894
  3. Chance Lawson-$30,885
  4. Marcus Webb-$23,023
  5. Carl Masters-$17,355
  6. Sanh Vuong-$13,232
  7. Michael Zuro-$10,204
  8. Chris Dandrea-$7,961
  9. Loi Hoang-$6,284

The Final Day’s Highlights

Only 88 players advanced to the event’s final day. Its action had a fast pace as McEwen, Hamblen, and Stanford got busted in the early levels. Truman Weatherly, Day 1a’s stack leader finished 56th with $1,298.

Other players who missed a seat at the final table included Walter Miskelly, Devin Wells, Bart Bogard, and Jon Swift. Orion Allen used king-seven to go in and lost to Lawson’s ace-king. He finished 10th and set a nine-handed table.

Marcus Webb was the table’s stack leader after busting many players earlier in the day. He reduced his aggressiveness after loosing a few crucial pots. Still, Loi Hoang used pocket sevens to move all-in on the six-high board and lost to Michael Zuro’s pocket fours that made a runner-runner straight hence eliminating him in ninth place.

Chris Dandrea followed Hoang in the eighth position. He used king-ten to make an all-in preflop facing Lawson’s dominating ace-ten. Unfortunately, Dandrea’s run ended when he failed to improve.

Zuro and Webb battled for a big pot. The latter’s ace-king suited defeated the former’s pocket aces and sent him packing in seventh place.

Lawson used ace-five suited to call and Sanh Vuong defended with ten-six of clubs. The former’s ace-high dominated and busted the latter in the sixth position. Masters’ run ended in fifth place shortly after Vuong’s exit when Keller’s superior king-queen hearts beat his king-jack clubs.

Keller knocked out Webb in fourth place. The latter used jack-ten to jam into a jack-three-three flop and the former used nine-three of diamonds to snap-call.

Winter used pocket tens to call Lawson’s ace-nine-suited. Still, he earned the nut full house and busted Lawson in the third position with $30,885.

Keller had a 3:2 chip lead over Winter when their match began. But Winter used a single pair to call of a wager on the river after Keller rivered a set of kings. The latter wagered on the river on the 2♦8♦Q♣3♣7♣ board and the former used queen-eight to snap it off for two-pair.

Unfortunately, Winter got in a tough spot after Keller showed him J♣8♣ for a rivered flush. The former used eight-nine offsuit to go all-in in the next hand while the latter used ten-six suited to call. Keller’s ten eliminated Winter in second place with $41,894.


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