Jackpocket Casino Live in New Jersey

2023 was a massive year for the online casino industry, and 2024 is expected to shatter those records throughout the country. New Jersey continues to be one of the leaders in this industry, although it did finish behind both Pennsylvania and Michigan when looking at the 2023 totals. 

It has already been a fast start for the iGaming industry in New Jersey, and now a new online casino is available to customers. The Jackpocket Casino is now live in New Jersey after agreeing to a deal with Caesars Interactive Gaming. 

This might not have been huge news to everyone in the state as there was a soft launch that came all the way back in November. The Jackpocket Casino is now available to all residents of the state, and it should become a popular option. 

Jackpocket is making a huge move as it has only been involved with online lottery sales up to this point. There are other lottery courier services out there, but Jackpocket is hoping to stand out from the pack by also proving that it can have success in this industry as well. 

Not a New Name

Jackpocket didn’t have to enter a new market in order to offer new iGaming options, but it did have to change up its approach. The company currently serves as a lottery courier in nearly 20 states, and New Jersey was on that list. 

Jackpocket was able to launch all the way back in 2019, and it was the first registered and legal online courier service when it was able to launch. Others have joined the industry, but Jackpocket continues to be one of the names that is most recognizable. 

Not only has Jackpocket been able to enter new markets over the last few years, but it has also been able to team up with professional sports teams, and celebrities. That has allowed the company to appeal to a bigger audience, and it has been great for business. 

Jackpocket has been good for the economy in the state of New Jersey as well as it has brought in nearly $70 million in revenue since the 2019 launch. It has also made buying a lottery ticket much earlier for customers as they no longer have to leave their house. 

What to Expect from Jackpocket

Jackpocket might be new to the online casino industry, but it’s going to focus on some of the features that other companies have had success with. There will be some new Jackpocket branded games, but most of the classic iGaming options will also be available. 

There will be real money online slots available on the site, and that is expected to drive most of the betting action. The app is available for mobile devices, but the online site can also be accessed from a computer. 

Jackpocket aims to make this a smooth transition for its current customers as those members will be able to access the online casinos easily. That was not the case with the soft launch, but now it is available to anyone in the state. 


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