Jacobson and Jattin Launch Online Poker Training Course

WSOP Champion Martin Jacobson and Pro Poker player Farid Jattin have launched an Online Training Course which would provide new standards of learning poker at a privileged stage.

The duo put their minds and sources together with the intent to give the poker community a full highway poker map to potentially the most invaluable knowledge they will ever need to get to event poker.

How The Course Works

Jacobson guarantees that by the end of the course, students will be better able to understand the basics of the beautiful game of Poker. The group course will take place via Zoom.

Jacobson stated that due to the complexity of the game, they have optimized the course by focusing on principles that apply to multiple situations. Reiterating that they would not teach just the what but also the why.

With concepts such as RFI (Raise First In) Maps, Defending the Big Blind, Bubble Play, and Final Table Play all included, Jacobson has said the course would have several special guest appearances along the way.

To Embrace The Social Side Of Poker

In what was nothing short of a difficult 12 months, particularly for the Dwell Poker Community, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Jacobson was reminded of how necessary the social facet of the sport was, which was one thing he missed.

The previous world champion associates much of his achievements with the real-life conversations and hand histories he has participated in during the dwell tournaments.

“So why not align this facet with the evaluation aspect at a time when we practically want it to be the most?”

He stated.

“We have excellent staff, and we have completely different features to the course, issues from completely different angles, and the absolute best results available. Most significantly, as much as we love participating in poker games, we each find it rewarding to share our information and expertise to help the players to succeed.”

Jacobson added.

For Farid, he already has had a lot of success with group teaching before. He is currently using his time away from Dwell poker to fuel another passion.

Martin And Farid’s Poker Achievements

Martin and Farid have a long list of great poker performances over the past decade and are both looking forward to sharing their experience with gamers seeking to improve their activity.

If you’re undecided that the course is best for you, don’t think about it too much. Whereas most of their college students have been taking part in semi-professional work for years, there is additional space for individuals who wish to pursue their own goals.

Figuring out the game of poker by yourself may be quite daunting and, in all honesty, quite boring. So Martin and Farid planned the course to be learned in a suitable environment that includes other students.

The course is organized in such a way that teachers will start each class by presenting subjects in a noticeable and interactive way. Questions and debates circulate organically across the category, which further promotes the success of all. As a replacement for the normal online course where you can stream and watch yourself, this course will offer a close-knit community teaching in an immersive face-to-face environment.


Logan is based in Los Angeles and is an avid poker player having played in tournaments across the globe. He covers both poker & regulatory affairs.