Jared Ingles Is the New WSOP Circuit Harrah’s Cherokee Main Event Winner

Jared Ingles, a 34-year-old Louisiana poker player, defeated 1,213 entrants in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Circuit Harrah's Cherokee Main Event and won a gold ring and $300,736. It had a $1,837,695 prize pool and 182 top finishers.

Ingles emerged the winner after two startling flights and an extra two days of action. The Prospect, a Louisiana native, got his career-best cash prize on the final day. He has over $1,300,000 poker career tournament earnings that he won in 126 recorded cashes.

The player's previous largest earnings were $138,285, which he won in the 2010 WSOP Main Event after holding the 56th position. He informed WSOP journalists that he has grinded for more than half his entire life. This was during an interview held after the WSOP Circuit Main Event.

The Final Day's Action

Ingles stated that he specializes in cash games, but he has fired several Circuit events for many years and finally won his first one. About 17 talented bettors returned to Cherokee, North Carolina, for the event's final day. Ingles started the day holding the seventh stack position.

Even so, he managed to improve his chip ranking before the unofficial final poker table of ten was prepared. Ingles scored the first workout at the final table after his A-10 defeated Marshall White's pocket fives in a preflop race. The latter won $31,634 after finishing in 9th place.

Rohit Kwatra was the next player to leave the table. His 8-6 suit lost to Robert Hover's A-K, and he won $39,689 after finishing eighth. Then, Ingles took part in a preflop coinflip, and his pocket fours defeated John Gallaher's K-J suited.

Gallaher finished in seventh place and won $50,236. Adam Ney's run ended abruptly after his A-Q lost to Changlong Zeng's pocket tens. None of them improved, thus resulting in Ney's elimination.

Ney won $64,146 after finishing in sixth place. Fikret Kovac got his last chips in a preflop that he made using pocket fives. Unfortunately, he got into trouble when Max Le's pocket sixes beat his pocket fives.

A big pair held up as Kovac exited the event in fifth place and won $82,622. Le was the next finalist to leave the table despite getting a knockout.

He used Q-J suited to go all-in in a preflop against Hover's pocket jacks. Le created a flush on the turn, but the river placed three kings on the board, thus giving Hover the pot and a full house.

Le received $107,339 after finishing fourth. Shortly afterward, two of the remaining players got the remaining stacks in a preflop as Zeng held 10Heart Suit9Heart Suit against Hover's ADiamond SuitQDiamond Suit. He made a top pair flop, turned trip tens, and left Hover drawing.

Zeng and Ingles Heads-Up Action

Hover won $140,648 after finishing third as Zeng got a huge lead before getting into a heads-up battle with Ingles. A vital preflop race turned the tables as Ingles' A-K defeated Zeng's pocket threes when the river had a king.

This gave Ingles an over 7:1 stack lead as Zenge was left with 4Diamond Suit3Club Suit against his AClub Suit10Spade Suit. The board turned 10Diamond Suit7Club Suit4Club Suit6Spade SuitQClub Suit as Ingles locked the pot with a pair of tens and got the title. Zeng won $185,859 for being the runners-up.


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