Jean-Robert Bellande Stuns His Fans in Episode 10 of High Stakes Poker

Jean-Robert Bellande (JRB)was among the most focused players on Episode 10 of High Stakes Poker Season 10. But, he didn't concentrate more on using pocket aces. Instead, the poker pro hit many quads against Eric Persson.

Other skilled players who sat at the PokerGO table were Andrew Robl, Jennifer Tilly, and Daniel Negreanu. But, JRB's moves caught most people's attention. His performance in the episode was different from that in televised poker shows like Poker After Dark and High Stakes Poker in the past.

Persson made a $13,000 three-bet using unsuited connectors before folding Bellande's $30,000 re-raise. The latter held pocket aces for the first of his three instances in the episode. Bellande would later use that hand to end the show.

Bellande Loses Some Hands

The cards favored JRB, but he lost a big hand. He used 7♦5♦ to make a $3,000 raise from the middle position before Persson called him using 9♣8♣ on the button. Persson also called Negreanu's Q♥9♦ in the straddle and the K♣2♣ Tilly held in the big blind.

The flop turned J♦6♣8♥ and JRB wagered $10,000 on an open-ended straight draw after the two players checked the flop to him. Persson used the middle pair to call as the other two players in the hand put 8♠ on the turn.

This didn't slow Bellande down. He placed a $21,000 bet that paired the board and his rival called. But, the Q♠ on the river prompted him to check and later fold a $57,000 wager.

Bellande used A♠A♣ to make an early position open to $2,000. Yet, Stanley Tang's J♦J♣ three-bet Bellande to $7,000. JRB didn't slow down his hand.

Instead, he made a $27,000 re-raise and Tang later made a $92,000 all-in jam. Bellande inquired from his rival if they would raise him since he had many aces. They agreed to run twice as the first 9♥A♦J♥6♦5♥ board crushed to Tang.

He used one jack and lost. Bellande won a $185,000 pot after the second board turned 2♦4♠5♣8♣5♠.

Persson Lends JRB Money Before Outwitting Bellande

Two players limped before Robl used A♠Q♦ to make a $10,000 raise in the small blind and Bellande used A♥J♦ in the big blind to call. Persson used 7♥3♥ and Tilly used Q♠9♠ to make middle position calls.

A J♥J♠7♦ flop landed as the pot increased. Persson checked the blinds before using two pair to place a $30,000 wager which enticed Bellande. The players checked and K♠ landed on the river. Bellande placed a $12,000 wager in a $100,000 pot. This annoyed Persson and he told Bellande he doesn't like lending him money.

Even so, Persson changed his mind and loaned Bellande. Robl wagered the middle pair for $2,500 on the 5♣K♠7♠ flop before folding it to Bellande's $10,000 raise.

Bellande held pocket rockets in Episode 10's last hand facing Negreanu's action. Tilly had A♠K♦ in the straddle when Bellande made a $7,000 three-bet using A♥A♦. The latter used pocket rockets to win the last pot after the former folded.


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