Jean-Robert Bellande Wins High Stakes Poker Season 11 Episode 4 After Making the Worst Fold

PokerGO held Episode 4 of High Stakes Poker Season 11 on Monday night. Its line-up resembled that of Episode 3 as it featured talented players like Ferdinand Putra, Rick Salomon, Rob Yong, Andrew Robl, Charles Yu, Jean-Robert Bellande (JRB).

The First Hand

The episode’s first hand was fast-paced as the six entrants put in a $5,000 blind that went to the flop and revealed 4♥5♦K♣. Yet, Yu got in the cutoff, and his K♦Q♣ earned him top pair. He later placed a $25,000 wager.

Salomon used 3♦3♣ to call as 5♥ landed on the turn and 3♥ appeared on the river. He placed a $100,000 bet prompting Yu to snap-call. But Salomon won a $280,000 pot after rivering his full house.

Several players collected more chips. Yong used A♦J♠ to make a $5,000 button raise before Salomon used A♠K♥ to make a $25,000 three-bet from the small blind.

The latter used 3♠J♣10♦ to place a $25,000 continuation bet and the former used top pair to call him. Salomon used 3♦ to place a $55,000 bet and Yong called again.

Luck wasn’t on Salomon’s side as a A♥ landed on the river prompting him to use a king kicker to make aces up before placing a $100,000 wager. Yong won a $414,000 pot after using two pair to snap-call.

The Unprecedented $700,000 Wager on the River

Robl A♦7♦ to make a $6,000 under-the-gun raise and Salomon used ace-king to place a $26,000 three-bet from the button. The blinds folded and forced Robl to call.

Still, the flop revealed 4♦J♦K♠. Robl checked as Salomon wagered $20,000.

The former made an $80,000 check-raise as the latter called and landed the 5♥ on the turn. However, Robl placed a $130,000 bet that prompted Salomon to snap-call and land Q♦ on the river. The former made a nut flush and wagered $700,000.

JRB’s Fold

Salomon used 4♥2♠ to make a $15,000 raise at a $4,000 straddle and JRB used Q♥Q♣ to place a $50,000 three-bet from the small blind. The latter’s move reduced his stack to $315,000.

JRB called Salomon a big bully. The latter revealed four-deuce after a few minutes and his opponents relaxed for a while. Nevertheless, Schulman termed JRB’s fold as the worst in the show’s history.

Putra won a vital straddle before Yong used 10♥10♣ to make a $10,000 raise. Salomon used 9♦8♥ to call and JRB used 2♥2♣ to come from a small blind. Putra wagered $6,000 chips and a 2♠3♣6♣ flop occurred during the four-handed action.

A 5♥ turn in the last hand gave Bellande a $35,000 lead over Yong. The former then made a $406,000 all-in move that made the latter to fold, hence bagging the $655,000 pot that winded up the episode. PokerGO will broadcast Episode 5 on September 4 at 5 p.m. PT.


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