Jessica Teusl Wins $166,975 in 2022 WSOP Ladies Championship

Jessica Teusl, an Austrian poker player, stunned her supporters when she won the 2022 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Event No. 61:Ladies No-Limit Hold'em Championship and received her first bracelet. She took home $166,975, this being the largest cash prize in her poker career.

The player beat Julie Le, a talented player with almost $200,000 in total live poker earnings, before she finished second, according to The Hendon Mob statistics. Both of them had supportive and vibrant trails, as Le called all in in the final hand with less than ten big blinds.

She held queen-tree off-suit as Teusl had an ace-three. Still, a dry board fell, thus making Le finish as the runner-up. Teusl has been successful of late as she finished eighth in a recent Event No 21:$No-Limit Hold'em Monster Stack and won $120,455.

The Final Table's Results

  1. Jessica Teusl from Austria – $166,975
  2. Julie Le from the U.S. – $103,196
  3. Christina Gollins from the U.S. – $73,604
  4. Felisa Westermann from Germany – $53,213
  5. Meikat Siu from the U.S. – $39,004
  6. Lynh Nguyen from the U.S. – $28,989
  7. Sandy Tran from the U.S. – $21,852
  8. Natalie Hof from Germany – $16,710
  9. Cherish Andrews from the U.S. – $12,965

Teusl is a skilled poker player as she has won many ladies' poker events in different countries. Also, the Austrian poker community adores her. She has a vocal and huge rail that often follows her in different events.

The player said after the tournament that he felt happy, and she has had several crazy moments in this year's WSOP. She got her largest live cash at Monster Stack and recently won her first bracelet. Stefan Lehner, her current boyfriend, won Event No.16:$3,000 No-Limit Hold'em two weeks ago.

Notable players in the championship included Lexy Gavin, Maria Konnikova, Tiffany Michelle, Charlotte Van Brabander, Melanie Weisner, Pamela Balzano, Katie Swift, Lara Eisenberg, and Lon Hui.

Action at the Final Table

The unofficial final table was set after the night of Day 3's final break. Jennifer Loman exited the tournament in tenth place with $7,066 after using ace-ten offsuit to shove the remaining blinds against Natalie Hof's pocket kings.

Cherish Andrews had a big stack lead on Day 3 and lost several big pots fast. She followed Loman after using pocket kings to stake her stack in a preflop against Lynh Nguyen's pocket jacks. The latter got a flush on a board, thus sending Andrews packing in 10th place with $12,965.

Action on Day 4

Hof was the first player to leave the table on Day 4. She took home $16,710 after her ace-king lost a flip to Le's pair of sixes. Sandy Tran got busted in seventh place with $21,852 after one level. She used ace-jack suited to shove after Le's raise with eight-seven suited and hit the board's trips.

Nguyen followed Tran after using ace-ten to jam less than 15 big blinds and lost a flip to Teusl's pocket fours. The former finished sixth and won $28,989.

Teusl eliminated Meikat Siu when she used queen-ten to place her stack against her aces. Even so, Siu didn't get help and her deep run ended in fifth place, earning her $39,004.

Felisa Westermann got busted in fourth place after 15 minutes and won $53,213 after Teusl's ace-jack beat her ace-five on the button. Christina Gollins got several double-ups, but her big blinds were reduced to 11.

Teusl and Le called her in the blinds after she made a button shove. Both of them checked through the ace-high board before Teusl held a pocket pair of nine and won the pot as Le and Gollins held king-high hands.

Gollins finished third and won $73,604. Teusl led Le by 4:1, but the latter got several small pots and reduced the gap.

The former got a huge double up, thus reducing Le's big blinds to seven. She check-raised with jack-ten as Le used nine-six for the middle pair to call. Le finished as a runner-up after Teusl dominated the hand she called and won $103,196.


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