Joao Vieira Wins His Eighth WCOOP Titans Title As Renan Bruschi Bags A Title

PokerStars has witnessed a lot of World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) action of late. Several notable players have won various titles and made huge scores, including Renan "Internett93o" Bruschi, who recently won $173,292 in the $5,200 NLHE PKO Titans tournament.

The WCOOP 62-H: $5,200 NLHE PKO Titans Final Table's Results

  1. Renan "Internett93o" Bruschi from Brazil – a $173,292 total prize; $99,921 bounties and a $73,371 prize
  2. Andras "probirs" Nemeth from Hungary – a $106,730 total prize; $33,359 bounties and a $73,371 prize
  3. Claas "SsicK_OnE" Segebrecht from Austria – a $84,404 total prize; $32,656 bounties and a $51,748 prize
  4. Vlad "VladTheSlave" Martynenko from Ukraine – a $51,880 total prize; $13,125 bounties and a $38,755 prize
  5. Christian "eisenhower1" Jeppson from Sweden – a $35,611 total prize; $5,625 bounties and a $29,986 prize
  6. CPUrul0r from Austria – a $30,701 total prize; $7,500 bounties and a $23,201 prize
  7. Francisco "Tomatee" Benitez from Uruguay – a $32,326 total prize; $14,375 bounties and a $17,951 prize
  8. Thomas "MarToMchat" Boivin from Canada – a $25,764 total prize; $11,875 bounties and a $13,889 prize
  9. Dimitar "KuuL" Danchev from Bulgaria – a $30,881 total prize; $19,218 bounties and a $11,663 prize

Action at the Final Table

The tournament attracted 166 players who formed an $830,000 prize pool that exceeded its initial $650,000 guarantee. Rodrigo "SELOUAN1991" Selouan busted the money bubble after finishing 21st and getting $6,562 bounties.

Each player who reached the nine-handed table was guaranteed of taking home at least $25,000. Dimitar "KuuL" Danchev was the first finalist to leave the table as Thomas "MarToMchat" Boivin and Francisco "Tomatee" Benitez followed him later.

"CPUrul0r" finished sixth as Christian "eisenhower1" Jeppsson got busted in fifth place. Vlad "VladTheSlave" Martynenko finished fourth and won $51,880. Claas "SsicK_OnE" Segebrecht's run ended in third place with $84,404.

His elimination set heads-up action between Andras "probirs" Nemeth and Bruschi. The latter remained calm and eventually beat the former taking home $173,292. Nemeth finished as a runner-up and won $106,730.

Vieira Wins His Eighth WCOOP Title

The $2,100 NLHE Deep Stack tournament had many chips and attracted experienced players from different countries. Each of them strived to get a share of the $296,000 prize pool and amass WCOOP leaderboard points.

Ka Kwan "kaju85" Lau got busted in 18th place and busted the money bubble. Players such as Simon "C. Darwin2" Mattsson, Andras "probirs" Nemeth, Pablo "pabritz" Bristo Silva, and Ramiro "ramastar88" Petrone won money but didn't reach the nine-handed final table.

The WCOOP 54-H: $2,100 NLHE Deep Stack Final Table's Results

  1. Joao "Naza14" Vieira from the United Kingdom – $62,131
  2. Rui "RuiNF" Ferreira from Brazil – $48,097
  3. Benny "RunGodlike" Glaser from the United Kingdom – $37,234
  4. Fadern2 from Norway – $28,824
  5. neeno1990 from Austria – $22,313
  6. mamamamama70 from Sweden – $17,273
  7. Sergio "zcedrick" Aido from Mexico – $13,372
  8. Niklas "Lena900" Astedt from Sweden – $10,352
  9. Vlad "VladTheSlave" Martynenko from Ukraine – $8,521

Action at the Final Table

Vlad "VladTheSlave" Martynenko exited the event in ninth place and made a four-figure score. Niklas "Lena900" Astedt and Sergio "zcedrick" Aido followed him in eighth and seventh places, respectively.

"mamamamama70" got busted in sixth place while "neeno1990" finished fifth and "fadern2" fourth. The remaining trio battled it out for WCOOP points.

Benny "RunFodlike" Glaser is a renowned mixed game specialist who finished third in the tournament. A heads-up match between Vieira and Ferreira ensued.

The latter won three 2022 WCOOP titles while Vieira won a heads-up World Championship. Ferreira finished as a runner-up with $48,097, while Vieira won the event and received $62,131.


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