John Dennehey Wins $155,933 in 2022 MSPT Ohio State Championship

The $1,110 buy-in Mid-States Poker Tour (MSPT) 2022 Ohio State Championship has 13 hours of play at JACK Casino Cleveland, and John Dennehey, a Minnesota native, emerged the winner.

He won the title and $155,933 after beating Dustin Mcelhaney in a heads-up battle. Mcelhaney went home with $133,058 after finishing as the runners up.

Dennehey claimed after the tournament that he was elated after playing his hands. He has played recreational poker for more than 20 years but decided to shift to tournaments in the last three years.

The poker pro has two children and more than $100,000 in lifetime poker earnings. Also, he had a previous career-high of more than $38,168 and was happy after winning the first mid-major poker career title.

The 2022 MSPT Ohio State Championship had 991 entries who created a $959,770 prize pool. Dennehey advised intermediate players and amateurs not to give up after losing as he as a short stack almost in the whole event.

Mid-States Poker Tour JACK Cleveland Final Table Results

The championship's finalists won the following cash prizes:

  1. John Dennehey-$155,933
  2. Dustin Mcelhaney-$133,058
  3. Kevin Kerchenski-$81,580
  4. Chris Tryba-$60,466
  5. Scott Fitzhugh-$46,069
  6. Todd Rizzo-$35,511
  7. Dave Holmes-$27,833
  8. Shaun Gillian-$21,115
  9. Kris Davis-$17,276

The Second Day's Action

Day 2 started with ten eliminations from the bubble. Jefferey Fritz was the first player to leave the championship after his two pair got into a flopped straight, thus leaving 108 players to share the money.

His elimination made several players exit the event in succession, like Michael Berk, Renato Spahiu, Timothy Gundrum, Kyna England, and Craig Stein. Berk won $2,399 after finishing in 73rd place, Spahiu received $2,975 after finishing in 59th place, Gundrum won $2,975 after being in the 57th position, and England won $6,526 after finishing 24th while Stein went home with $13,437 after finishing in 10th place. Dave Powell eliminated Stein after his ace-king defeated Stein's pocket queens.

More Details About the Final Table's Play

Kris Davis was short-stacked at the final table and opted to move all-in with four big blinds having king-queen. But, they didn't improve Mcelhaney's pocket fives, thus eliminating him. He wished the other players success and won $17,267 after finishing in ninth place.

Shaun Gillian exited the table after Davis. He fell in a huge 9 million chip pot after he used aces to call off against Chris Tryba and Mcelhaney's sets. The latter had a higher set that he doubled Tryba and sent Gillian packing.

Gillian won $21,115 after finishing in eighth place. Dave Holmes also lost to Mcelhaney after his second pair turned to a flush draw and didn't improve against a set of nines flop. He received $27,833 after being in the seventh position.

Todd Rizzo's ace-jack lost to Mcelhaney's queen-eight. A queen on the turn and flop sent his packing with $35,511 after finishing in sixth place.

Scott Fitzbugh used three million chips to move all in over Kevin Kerchenski's raise. His pocket sevens couldn't hold against his opponent's ace-king. Unfortunately, an ace on the turn ended his run in fifth place, and he received $46,069.

Tryba was the final table's star, but he had a huge loss shortly after the play started as his set of fives lost to Mcelhaney's set of sixes. A queen on the turn killed his dream of winning the title after his pocket tens lost to Mcelhaney's ace-queen. He won $60,466 after being in the fourth position.

Kerchinski lost a vital pot to Dennehey, and a queen high board eliminated him with $81,580 after finishing third. The latter was a 2:1 disadvantage against Mcelhaney when their heads-up play started.

He took over the chip lead after his ace-king defeated his rival's ace-queen. Mcelhaney went home with $133,058 after finishing second, while Dennehey won the title and $155,933.


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