Jon Glendinning Tops the WPT Prime Championship’s Field After An Action-Packed Day 3

Wynn Las Vegas is holding the ongoing World Poker Tour(WPT) Prime Championship. Day 1 featured four fights, 10,512 players, and a $10,196,640 prize pool that was more than twice its initial guarantee.

Even so, the field drastically reduced to nine players late in Day 3 who set an unofficial final table. Jon Glendinning ended the day as the stack leader and advanced to Day 4.

Its action was scheduled to start at 2 p.m. The remaining players would form a six-handed final table, each of them eyeing the $1,386,280 top prize.

What Were the Stack Sizes After Day 3?

  1. Jon Glendinning from the U.S.-72,600,000 chips and 73 big blinds
  2. Jay Lu from the U.S.-67,900,000 chips and 68 big blinds
  3. Calvin Anderson from the U.S.-61,200,000 chips and 61 big blinds
  4. Valeriy Pak from Uzbekistan-60,200,000 chips and 60 big blinds
  5. Bob Buckenmayer from the U.S.-46,600,000 chips and 47 big blinds
  6. Aaron Pinson from the U.S.-45,900,000 chips and 46 big blinds
  7. Yuebin Guo from the U.S.-32,600,000 chips and 33 big blinds
  8. Mukul Pahuja from the U.S.-17,900,000 chips and 18 big blinds
  9. Tri Dao from the U.S.-16,500,000 chips and 17 big blinds

What Transpired on Day 3?

WPT shows that only 1,309 players remained on Day 1. Yet, they further reduced to 128 players late on Day 2. The shot clock system facilitated a smooth bubble burst.

Some of the players who reached Day 3 were Andrew Moreno who finished 118th with $7,260 and Steven Jones, the 10th place finisher who took home $135,850. The final table was set after Jones’ exit.

Calvin Anderson proceeded to Day 4 with the largest stack. Valeriy Pak, the fourth player on the chip standings had a stellar performance on Day 3 during the WPT live stream. They applied crazy strategies like leading a flop before attempting a three-bet bluff using less than two big blinds.

WPT initially planned to set the official six-handed final table on Day 3. But, it decided to prolong the action in the fifteenth hour.

Glendinning would kick off Day 4, December 13’s action holding 72 big blinds with a 1,000,000 ante at the 500,000/1,000,000 level. Nevertheless, winning the top prize won’t be a walk in the park for him since he has to beat Pak and Anderson who have over 59 big blinds.

Each of the remaining nine players will cash at least $135,850. WPT's YouTube channel will stream Day 4’s action. The players will take a break until December 19 once they form the official final table.


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