Joseph Hebert Eyes Bracelet Months After His Mother’s Demise

The Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino would play host to the final table of the 2020 World Series of Poker (WSOP) main event. The game plays as the domestic finale, with nine players battling for the over one-million-dollar prize. The winner of the event also gets an opportunity to win an extra $1 million and a bracelet prize after winning Damian Salas, winner of the GGPoker International portion.

Fans expect a winner that can rival Salas skills—all eyes are fixed on Joseph Hebert, a 38-year-old Louisiana born poker player. Hebert has his fair share of wins, one of which was finishing runner-up in the WSOP Circuit Harrah’s New Orleans 2013 Main Event, winning a whopping $104,932 in the event. Hebert holds 13 million chips compared to his closest contender with 5.2 million chips. But all hasn’t been a bed of roses for Hebert; after losing his mother some months ago, he returns to the final table hoping to win the event for her.

Things Would Work Out

In an exclusive interview with Hebert, he stated his mother was a tremendous support to his dream. Hebert strived to be the best, with the hope of one day winning a WSOP bracelet—he has played at events to attain this aspiration held since 2008.

Michael Lech was the winner of the WSOP Main Event, where Hebert finished runner-up. According to Hebert, his mother loved watching Lech’s viral video doing the bracelet dance. Hebert revealed to his mother his dreams of one day being the WSOP champion. He explained his mother’s reply was what will be, will be; things would work out. Three days after that reply, she died.

Hebert’s mother died of pulmonary embolism. She met her demise after calling the ambulance for some persons involved in an accident within her neighborhood. Moments after the ambulance arrived, she collapsed—the ambulance she had called for the neighbors had no option but to carry her to the hospital. She died at the hospital some days later.

Hebert’s Tribute to His Mother

In Hebert’s tribute, he revealed Linda was his mother’s name. After her death, the 2020 WSOP finale chip leader took a break from poker for over two months. He moved back to Las Vegas to take on the WSOP Main Event in December, where he made it to the top nine in the final table from an over 700 players list on December 14. Hebert pushed through difficult times, from being on the 42nd spot out of 71 players on Day 2 to the 24th spot out of 26 players, and subsequently to the final table chip leader.

After making the final table, he flew his fiancé and son into Las Vegas. According to Hebert, he hopes to win the event for Linda, his mother. He revealed he has been busy on demo versions on and sees the event as a home game, not a competition. All await the action to roll out on December 28 as the nine finalists gear up to clinch the jackpot at the Rio All-Suit Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas.


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