Justus Held Wins a WSOPC Ring and $107K in FLIP & GO NLH (copy)

GGPoker crowned three more winners at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Winter Circuit. They got the prestigious WSOP Circuit ring and huge payouts. They included Justus "taxidriver" Held, "Kostya_Jock" and Samuel "FishIdiot" Saariaho.

The field created a $1 million prize pool, and each final table participant got a five-figure score from their $100 buy-in. Held took home $106,873.

The Final Table's Results

  • Justus "taxidriver" Held from Austria – $106,873
  • Yu rong quan88 from Hong Kong – $80,100
  • mascaclavos from Peru – $60,076
  • Pyra lubi sos from the Netherlands – $45,060
  • Maskim "sp!ke" Bura from Finland – $33,799
  • Santtu "84562" Ojala from Finland – $25,355
  • Chen Chu from China – $19,023
  • rottenberg from Russia – $14,274
  • alikola from Andorra – $10,713

Action at the Final Table

"alikola" was the first finalist to leave the table. "rottenberg," Chen Hu, Maskim "sp!ke" Bura, and Santtu "84562" Ojala followed him. Bura won $33,799.

The event had huge pay jumps at that moment, and some poker diehards predicted that the players would make a deal. Yet, the remaining four finalists opted to play the tournament on their own rather than striking a deal.

"Pyra lubi sos" finished fourth with $45,060. mascaclavos followed him in third place with $60,076.

Held faced quan88 in a heads-up battle. But he beat his opponent to win $106,873 and the WSOPC ring.

Kostya_Jock Wins the $320 "Santa's Sled" Ultra DeepStack Turbo Bounty

Kostya_Jock beat 2,103 opponents to win $58,565 and a WSOPC ring. The tournament attracted 2,104 players who formed a $624,888 prize pool.

The Final Table's Results

  • Kostya_Jock from Ukraine – a $58,565 total prize; $33,349 bounties and a $25,216 prize
  • AngeloMirabella from Slovenia – a $29,299 total prize; $4,146 bounties and a $25,153
  • Vng_ from Brazil – a $27,181 total prize; $8,558 bounties and a $18,623 prize
  • THE EDUCATOR from Brazil – a $16,296 total prize; $2,524 bounties and a $13,772 prize
  • Alexey "@ndr0med@" Badulin from Russia – a $12,855 total prize;2,671 bounties and a $10,184 prize
  • fourfingaz from Austria – a $17,430; $9,899 bounties and a $7,531 prize
  • slimedao from Ukraine – a $8,251 total prize; $2,682 bounties and a $5,569 prize
  • Arsenii Karmatckii from Mexico – a $5,222 total prize; $1,103 bounties and a $4,119 prize
  • Teefan05 from Malaysia – a $6,215 total prize; $3,169 bounties and a $3,046 prize

Action at the Table

Six finalists got five-figure cash prizes. Teefan05, Arsenii Karmatckii, and slimedao were the only finalists who got four-figure scores at the table. Each took home between $5,222 and $8,251.

fourfingaz took home $17,430 after finishing sixth. He got $9,899 bounties and was second after Jock.

Alexey "@ndr0med@" Badulin exited the tournament in fifth place, THE EDUCATOR finished fourth, and vng in the third position. The remaining two players battled it out for the prize pool's lion's share and title.

AngeloMirabella and Kostya_Jock were assured of winning over $25,000 from the pull. Even so, the final bounty payment was over $33,000 and Jock got it after beating AngeloMirabella.

Samuel Saariaho Wins the $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Championship

The championship attracted 369 entrants who formed a $525,825 prize pool. Saariaho beat his opponents and won the $108,318 top prize.

The Final Table's Results

  • Samuel "FishIdiot" Saariaho from Finland – $108,318
  • cachorradadoart from Brazil – $78,316
  • Dorel Eldabach from Austria – $56,624
  • Aleksey "ImLuckPads" Savenkov from Russia – $40,940
  • spiritomaha from Romania – $29,600
  • Jose "MEMEKING" Koistnen from Finland – $21,401
  • Kristof "ultrafish" Segers from Vietnam – $15,474

Action at the Table

Kristof Segers got busted first at the final table. Jose Koistinen, spiritoomaha, Aleksey Svenkov, and Dorel Eldabach followed him in sixth, fifth, fourth, and third place, respectively.

Eldabach's elimination set up a heads-up battle between cachorradadoart and Saariaho. But, Saariaho beat cachorradadoart and took home $108,318, while his opponent received $78,316.


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