JW Carter Wins $58,110 in RunGood Tunica Main Event

The RunGood Tunica Main Event attracted 72 players. JW Carter, a Mississippi player, won $58,110 in the tournament after eight hours of play. He stated after the event that he felt great since he has played competitive tournaments for four years.

Carter was among the largest stacks in the event. But, a hand before the final table gave him the stack lead. After his bottom set held Phillip Burch's bottom two.

The Final Table's Results

  1. JW Carter – $58,110
  2. Wesley Jones – $38,867
  3. Mike Cordell – $28,654
  4. BJ McBrayer – $21,358
  5. Matthew Lawrence – $16,112
  6. Michael Senedetka – $12,293
  7. John Duke – $9,468
  8. Chris Hight – $7,388
  9. Adam Cotant – $5,836

Action on Day 2

The day kicked off fast immediately after players settled. Still, they busted many stacks in less than an hour.

Max Le (defending winner) was the first player to get busted in 69th place with $962, while Tiffany Keathley finished 50th with $1,211. Other players whose run ended fast were Kyels Cartwright, Frank Covich, Preston McEwen, Matt Higgins, and Kaleb Dunn.

Burch put all his chips in using the bottom two in the last hand before the final table and faced Carter's bottom set. Yet, he finished 10th with $5,836.

The Final Table's Action

Adam Cotant lost most of his chips after Michael Senedetka's ace-king cracked his aces. The former used seven-six suited to put his remaining chips in against Matthew Lawrence's nines. But, he lacked help and left the event in ninth place with $5,836.

Chris Hight followed him after losing against nines. He used ace eight to move his stack, but Carter's pocket nines beat him. Hight won $7,388 after finishing eighth.

John Duke lost against nines and followed Carter. He used an ace-ten off-suit to move his chips in the middle, but Carter's pocket nines beat him. Duke finished seventh and won $9,468.

Michael Senedekta got busted next after shoving over Carter's open, and Mike Cordell moved all-in and folded Carter. Still, Cordell had ace-king and defeated Senedekta's king-three suited.

The latter finished sixth with $12,293. Matthew Lawrence's run ended in ninth place, and he won $16,112. He used an ace-ten off-suit to move his stack in the middle but lost to Carter's pocket eights.

A gut shot didn't change things, and the river didn't help Lawrence, thus sending him packing. NJ McBrayer used king-three to move all-in and dominated Carter's ace-three suit.

The flop turned ace high, and McBrayer required a wheel or running kings to continue playing. Unfortunately, he missed both of them and finished fourth with $21,358.

Mike Cordell competed for the chip lead with Carter as few major pots remained on the table. Yet, he lost the race against the latter. Carter's pocket fives beat Cordell's nine-ten suited and ended his run in third place with $28,654.

Wesley Jones used a queen-jack off-suit to move his chips a few seconds before the heads-up battle began. Yet, an ace-six off-suit called him.

The board ran out, and Jones didn't get help from the queen-jack, thus finishing second with $38,867. Poker diehards live-streamed the event on various websites as Carter won the first-place prize.


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