Klaus IIk Bags a Gold Bracelet and $371,603 at the 2023 WSOP Event No.61: $1,000 Super Seniors No-Limit Hold’em Tournament

Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas hosted the recent World Series of Poker (WSOP) Event No.61: $1,000 Super Seniors No-Limit Hold'em event. It lasted for four days and had a 3,121-entry field. Klauz IIk beat the odds to bag a gold bracelet and $371,603.

The champion had eight big blinds when the tournament's last day's action began. Yet, he beat 12 opponents to win the top prize. He is the seventh Austrian player to win a WSOP bracelet, and his latest score was the largest in his professional poker career.

Farhad Dayoudzadeh was many people's favorite at the final table, as his aggressive playing style helped him get the vital chip lead. But the tables turned against him when Ronald Lane's pocket kings beat his ace-jack

What the Top Eight Finalists Took Home

  1. Klaus IIk from Austria – $371,603
  2. Ronald Lane from the U.S. – $229,685
  3. Farhad Davoudzadeh from Iran – $172,058
  4. Ronald Swain from the U.S. – $129,812
  5. Kevin Danko from the U.S. – $98,644
  6. Federico Trujillo from Argentina – $75,503
  7. Arnon Graham from the U.S. – $58,213
  8. Rassoul Malboubi from the U.S. – $45,213

The Final Day's Action Highlights

Only 13 players advanced to the final day. James Martini got busted 20 minutes after Level 31 kicked off when his queen-jack lost to Lane's ace queen. He finished 13th, and Robert Whalen followed him in the 12th position.

Federico Trujillo revealed pocket aces when Kevin Parmley min-raised and put his stack in the middle. The former thought his opponent had called, and the dealer gave him a three-hand penalty after he showed his cards. Yet, Parmely got busted in 11th place.

The remaining ten finalists formed an unofficial final table. But, Jimmi James left the table in 10th place and Richard Wallace in ninth place hence missing a seat at the final table.

Rassoul Malboubi, Day 3's largest stack used a pair of deuces to shove on a flop. Unfortunately, Ronald Swain flopped top pair before calling Malboubi's shove and sending him packing in fourth place.

Arnon Graham finished seventh after his pocket sevens lost to Kevin Danko's pocket tens. Trujillo had the loudest trail but got busted in the sixth position after Lane's pocket jacks defeated his pair of tens.

IIk sent Danko packing in fifth place and increased his chance of winning the bracelet. The latter held eights and sevens and was ahead of the former. But, IIk got eights and aces after an ace landed on the river and won a huge pot.

Swain used ace-queen to shove but lost to Lane's pocket aces before exiting in fourth place. IIk reduced Lane's chips and got the lead when he landed an ace on the river, hence dominating Lane's pocket jacks.

The former used pocket nines to make an all-in call on the flop, while Lane used double-gutter straight draw to shove. IIk won the title, and Lane became the runner-up with a $229,685 prize.


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