Land-Based Sportsbetting Rules Approved by New York Gaming Regulator

The Gaming Commission in the state of New York approved suggested rules and regulations unanimously on Monday. These rules are to permit the eleven casinos which are commercial or tribal-run to apply for sports betting licenses and start offering sportsbooks in their land-based venues.

In other words, the state of New York will now become the 14th US state to legalize some kind of sports betting activities. All of that was a direct result of the last year’s US Supreme Court decision to consider the PASPA once again and invalidate it. PASPA stands for the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, and it has been a federal legislative piece that effectively put a ban on all forms of sports betting across the US. However, in 2018, after it was reviewed and invalidated, it paved the way for many states to introduce this type of gambling. Until then, the only state where some kind of sports betting activities were found was in Nevada.

On the other hand, many states, such as New Jersey, anticipated this type of decision to be made by the United States Supreme Court. Therefore, they prepared even before the ban was lifted and waited for the decision to be made so that they could immediately put some of their sports betting services into action.

According to a report from, the provisions that were approved recently could result in New York punters being able to place bets on a range of sports, both professional and amateur, starting in August this year. It would become available right at the start of the National Football League (NFL) season. However, according to the rules and regulations that were approved by the New York Gaming Commission, it will be forbidden to place wagers on any collegiate events related to The Empire State. In other words, if these events take place in New York or include teams from this state, they will not be offered as a betting option for punters from New York.

There are at the moment four upstate commercial casinos that will be able to apply for a sportsbetting license, and they also include the Del Lago Resort and Casino. In fact, it is believed that Del Lago is probably the most suitable casino to launch a sportsbook as soon as possible as that inked a deal last July with a sports betting and daily fantasy sports giant DraftKings Incorporated. The venue, which is located in Seneca County, has already made detailed plans about opening a sportsbook that would take up 6,000 sq ft and would feature a wide range of HD LED TVs, in addition to 20 self-service betting kiosks. Furthermore, it will also include a bank of cashier stations.

The General Manager for the Del Lago Resort and Casino, Mark Juliano, stated that his property had been actively negotiating with the state and that they were ready to apply for a license and open a sports betting facility as soon as possible. He added that he firmly believed the sports betting facility would be an exciting place where visitors would be able to watch games, place bets, have some food and drinks, and enjoy sports along the way.

To sum up, all other casinos, including the ones that are owned by tribes are slowly preparing to seize the opportunity and enter the sports betting market. The leading casino that is owned by a tribe is Oneida Indian Nation, as there is already a sports book being constructed inside of a casino.


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