Lars Nystedt Wins $156,013 at GGPoker’s Super Sunday Online

Lars "Babyccino" Nystedt had early Christmas on December 11 after winning a $1,050 buy-in event and being the runner-up in a $525 PKO affair at GGPoker. The two impressive finishes earned him $156,013.

The poker player also advanced to the $1,500 MILLIONAIRE MAKER tournament's Day 2 and is likely to win more than $1 million. Although Nystedt might only have 15 big blinds, his superb form makes it difficult for other players to beat him in the event.

The $1,050 WSOPC High Rollers Sunday Main Event Final Table's Results

  1. Lars "Babyccino" Nystedt from Austria – $83,777
  2. Jiahao "Songjiahao" Song from China – $62,823
  3. Onur "simplyriver" Hazinedar from Turkey – $47,111
  4. Manuel "OPPikachu" Fischer from Austria – $35,328
  5. Artur Martirosian from Mexico – $26,492
  6. Renan Bruschi from Brazil – $19,866
  7. tonybardio from Belarus – $14,897
  8. Matas "NoWeyyy" Cikinas from Mexico – $11,171
  9. Dirk Gerriste from the Netherlands – $8,377

Action at the Table

Nystedt's victory was in the $1,050 Sunday Main Event HR. It had 447 entrants who formed a $447,000 prize pool. It is only Dirk Gerriste, out of the nine finalists at the table, who made a four-figure score.

Matas "NoWeyyy" Cikinas finished eighth and won $11,171. tonybardio and Renan Bruschi followed him with $14,897 and $19,866.

Artur Martirosian left the table in the fifth position with $26,492 thus offering the remaining players a sigh of relief. Still, he is GGPoker's biggest champion, who other players fear and respect.

Manuel "OPPikachu" Fischer's run ended in fourth place and he received $35,328. Onur "simplyriver" Hazinedar got busted in third place and took home $47,111.

This prompted Nystedt to get into a fierce battle for the title with Jiahao "Songjiahao" Song. Odds favored Nystedt as he won $83,777 while Song won $62,823 after being the runner-up.

Vicente Prevents Nystedt from Winning Another Title

Nystedt was determined to win his second GGPoker title that night in the $525 Bounty Hunters HR Main Event. Unfortunately, Vicente killed his dream.

The tournament attracted 2,446 players who formed a $1,223,000 prize pool. The seven-figure pot resulted in huge payouts between $12,004 and $115,393 including bounties.

The $525 WSOP Series: Bounty Hunters HR Main Event's Final Table Results

  1. Daniel "angenit" Vicente from Russia – a $115,393 total prize; $65,651 bounties, and a $49,742
  2. Lars "Babyccino" Nystedt from Austria – a $72,236 total prize; $22,617 bounties, and a $49,619 prize
  3. Efunden from Montenegro – a $46,081 total prize; $9,857 bounties, and a $36,224 prize
  4. Guileherme "wolverine27" Schreiber from Brazil – a $36,745 total prize;10,332 bounties and a $26,413 prize
  5. Peter Patricio from Brazil – a $28,952 total prize; $9,693 bounties, and a $19,259 prize
  6. MildeSorte from Montenegro – a $21,788 total prize; $7,746 bounties, and a $14,042 prize
  7. LRS2020 from Hong Kong – a $12,004 total prize, $1,765 bounties, and a $10,239 prize
  8. Florian Gaugusch from Austria – a $16,428 total prize; $8,962 bounties, and a $7,466 prize
  9. boraodota from Brazil – a $14,208 total prize; $8,765 bounties, and a $5,443 prize

Action at the Final Table

The first finalists to leave the event included boraodota, Florian Gaugusch, and LRS2020. MildSorte, Peter Patricio, and Guilherme "wolverine27" Schreiber followed them after a short while in the sixth, fifth and fourth places, respectively.

Efunden's run ended in third place with $46,081 hence setting up a heads-up battle between Nystedt and Daniel "angenit" Vicente. Each of them got about $50,000 from the prize pool, and Vicente won bounties of more than $65,000 and got $115,393 in total, while Nystedt won $72,236 after being the runner-up.


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