Las Vegas Dealing With The Coronavirus

The whole world is trying to figure out what to do in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, and that is definitely the case in Las Vegas. The Nevada Gaming Commission announced on Sunday that they were not going to force the closure of casinos throughout the state, despite some pressure from the government.

There are over 400 licensed non-restricted casino properties located in Nevada, and they will all have the ability to make their own decision.

Sportsbooks throughout Las Vegas began feeling the effects of the sports world shutting down last week, and some of them have decided to temporarily close as they wait for sports to come back.

Encore, MGM Resorts, and Wynn Las Vegas all decided to close their doors this weekend, and they did not provide a timetable for return. MGM Resorts did announce that they will not be taking any reservations until May 1, which could be a target date for them to re-open.

Wynn Resorts didn’t cite the shutdown of sports as their reason for closure, but rather as an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Wynn Resorts operates both the Wynn Las Vegas and Encore properties, and they will shut their doors for business on Tuesday at 6 pm.

The company announced that the closure will last at least two weeks, and it will be re-evaluated at that time. There will still be some employees working during that time to maintain security and safety at these two locations.

Caesars Cancelling Live Entertainment

Caesars Entertainment announced on Sunday night that they were suspending, or canceling, all live entertainment events through March 31. This went into effect on Sunday, with hopes to resume operations at the beginning of April.

Anyone who bought a ticket to a suspended show can be eligible for a refund or ticket exchange for a future live entertainment event. Caesars has yet to announce any plans for their casinos or sportsbooks on the strip.

Poker Rooms, Sportsbooks Face Tough Decisions

The Governor of Nevada issued a state emergency in response to more than 20 people being diagnosed with the coronavirus. The CDC and other health organizations have suggested canceling all gatherings of more than 50 people, and that would include poker rooms and sportsbooks in Las Vegas.

Sportsbooks will likely be pretty empty with so many of the American sports shutting down, and the popularity of mobile betting has kept people from visiting sportsbooks. Poker rooms are much different, as the patrons are shoulder to shoulder and can spend several hours in close proximity with others.

Casinos throughout Las Vegas have implemented new safety precautions and cleaning practices to stop the spread of COVID-19, but there is outside pressure that could force their closure.

Las Vegas Sands Corp., Boyd Gaming to Remain Open

The Las Vegas Sands Corporation announced on Sunday that they have no plans to shut down any of their properties in Las Vegas, and they are not going to be laying off any employees.

Two of the most famous properties owned by the Sands Corporation are the Venetian and the Palazzo, and they will continue to operate while several other companies have shut down.

Boyd Gaming Corporation also announced that they are planning to continue their normal operating hours in Las Vegas, despite the closures from several other companies. Boyd Gaming Corporation operates 12 locations in the Southern part of Nevada, and all 12 of them will remain open.

Boyd Gaming has been forced to close some of its properties in other states around the country, but those closures came from state and local governments.

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