Las Vegas Gaming Staff Will Start Their Strike on November 10

The Culinary Union and Bartenders Union have thousands of members in Las Vegas who are planning to start their strike next week. Ted Pappageorge, Culinary Union’s Secretary-Treasurer revealed that their members are ready to lay down tools if their employers won’t create favorable work contracts.

The two casino workers’ unions revealed on Thursday that they will call a strike on the Strips’ casinos and hotels on November 10. Reports show that the 35,000 hospitality employees in the region haven’t had a contract for over a month. Yet, 95 percent of the staff authorized a strike in October.

Wynn Resorts, Caesars Entertainment, and MGM Resorts International operate the 18 gaming properties that the workers’ strike will affect. Still, their strike’s deadline is several days before the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix kicks off.

It will occur between November 16 and 19. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the Grand Prix will attract 100,000 spectators in the region.

The Casino Workers’ Negotiations

The casinos’ management and staff began negotiations in April. Unfortunately, they haven’t reached an agreement so far as the workers are asking for a five-year contract. The Culinary Union represents kitchen and laundry workers, porters, bartenders, food and beverage servers, and housekeepers.

The union has 60,000 members from Nevada. Paul Anthony, one of Bellagio’s food servers stated that they are determined to get a new contract since it will improve the livelihood of many families in Las Vegas. Reuters reported that Pappageorge stated that the casinos have greatly improved of late. However, their revenue has a significant difference.

The Secretary-Treasurer informed the Review-Journal that casino operators need to meet and discuss better working conditions and terms with their staff. He reiterated that if the management fail to consider workers’ pleas, the union will request players to visit other states’ casinos and spend money there instead of in Vegas. Pappageorge added that they have a big network countrywide that they can use to communicate with other casinos’ employees.

Details About the Strike

Pappageorge stated that the Culinary Union is adequately prepared for the strike. Its members will put picket lines in various gaming venues like water, canopies, sunscreen, generators, bullhorns, chairs, tables, and portable bathrooms.

James Tanner, a Culinary Union member and bartender at Paris Casino said that he is awaiting the strike since they have to fight for fairness and safe workplaces. He added that they want the new contract to constitute job security, protection language for modern technology, and wages.

The police apprehended 75 union officials and members in October for blocking Las Vegas Boulevard’s traffic. They claimed that they took that action to highlight the existing standoff that they have with casino operators.

Even so, Thomas Reeg, Caesars Entertainment’s CEO stated in last Tuesday’s earnings call that they are in talks with the workers union. He added that they planned to hold closed-door meetings with union members for the rest of the week.


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