Las Vegas Sands Invests in Ad Campaign to Bring Casinos to Texas

The Las Vegas Sands really wants to see casinos built in Texas and they want to be part of the process. In the state, destination casino resorts are under consideration within Legislature and the Sands is hoping that an advertising push is just what is needed to propel the momentum forward. The multi-million-dollar effort will see advertising posted via television and radio in markets where venues would be allowed as well as additional areas.

Bring on the Casinos

The legislation under consideration would see a ballot vote regarding four world-class destination resorts and casinos in certain areas. San Antonio, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, and Houston would be locations where the casinos could be constructed.

The Las Vegas Sands wants in on the action and have been a strong supporter of the effort. They are using the new advertising campaign to push legislators to add the question to the ballot. The campaign also helps residents understand the legislation and how gambling would affect the state.

The ads launch this week and explain to viewers have billions of dollars leave the state as travelers go to neighboring states to gamble. Tourism and gambling money leaves the state each year in large amounts due to the lack of gambling in Texas.

The Sands points out in the ads that the economy would receive nice boost from the gaming industry as well as the creation of tens of thousands of jobs. Money from the industry could then be used to fund public safety and school services.

Monumental Effort

To further enhance the advertising push, the Las Vegas Sands created a group and started new social media sites, and launched a new website. The Texas Destination Resort Alliance is the group the Sands created to push the effort.

A new website provides more information as to what the industry will provide, including the economy and service programs. Social media accounts have also been added and will be highly utilized by the Sands to ensure all residents in Texas understand the legislation and will vote in favor of adding the casino resort destinations if lawmakers add the option to the November ballot.

Since the option to bring new casinos started, the Las Vegas Sands company has been a strong supporter. They started by hiring several lobbyists during this legislative session to try and persuade lawmakers to approve the option.

The effort by the Sands has yet to have a huge effect on lawmakers thus far. The Senate has sent its version of the bill to a committee but so far, a hearing has not been scheduled. The measure must be part of a hearing to even be considered and then voted on to move it forward.

Also on the table is sports betting legislation. A hearing is set to take place in the House to discuss casino legislation and sports betting. The Sports Betting Alliance is behind the effort, pushing to see sports betting legalized in the state.

This week, we could see movement on both fronts. We will stay tuned to see what happens and report on any developments as they are made public.

Rebecca Kont
Rebecca Kont

Rebecca lives in Las Vegas and after completing her degree at Reynolds Journalism school joined the USGS team to pursue her journalism dreams.