Liam Gannon, a Popular Poker Live Reporter, Wins a World Poker Tour World Championship Seat

Liam Gannon, PokerNews' reporter, got a seat in the forthcoming World Poker Tour (WPT) World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas through Amanda Botfeld's competition. The tournament will have a $15 million guaranteed prize pool.

Gannon resides in Chicago, and he is among the vocal poker enthusiasts globally. Besides, he is a hardworking poker reporter who started live reporting in the 2021 World Series of Poker (WSOP) and has covered many competitive tournaments since then.

Gannon Wins the Contest

The 23-year-old poker die-hard stated that he is grateful to get a chance to take part in the $10,400 buy-in WPT event. Still, he gave Botfeld a video as part of the World Poker Tour Global competition.

Botfeld selected the most deserving individual as there were many amazing choices. Even so, Gannon emerged as the winner, and he will get a seat in next month's WPT World Championship.

Gannon added that the giveaway had many stories that could be highlighted, and he felt honored to win the seat. He learned to play poker at LaGrande Country club as a golf caddy at the age of 14.

Jack Walsh, Gannon's childhood friend, inspired him to improve his poker skills. He began watching a wide array of poker content when he was 16 years old and played his first poker event at the age of 18 in Chicago Charitable Games.

His Future Playing Poker

Gannon is gradually building his resume while undertaking undergraduate courses at the College of DuPage in the Chicagoland region. He is striving to get an associate's degree and will later shift to a four-year program.

The live reporter said that poker will be involved in his future even though he is uncertain about its extent. He doesn't know what he shall do in a decade, but he believes that his path will lead to the poker industry.

Gannon is focusing on the current moment as he strives to win the largest poker event in his life. He admitted that it is the first tournament that has excited him the most so far.

The reporter has slept late several times, watching late-night streams of $10,000 main events from all over the world. He often gets elated being around events with large prizes, and he feels that his year has been made after qualifying for next month's WPT World Championship.

Gannon has loyal friends who are always by his side. He believes he must study more while preparing for the upcoming tournament.

The live reporter won't just compete for money but will face talented players from different countries. The WPT is renowned for its studded fields. Besides, the huge $15 million prize pool will attract many high stakes to Vegas.

Playing poker isn't a piece of cake, especially in competitive tournaments. But, Gannon believes in his abilities at the table.

He stated that he won't get upset by anything that happens in the WPT World Championship. Instead, he will strive to improve his playing style throughout the tournament. Gannon hates hoodies and likes donning a suit and tie when appearing in live reporting gigs.


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