Little Takes Home a PokerGO Title

The were some recent controversy in the world of live poker over the past week as a pair of coaches seemed to get into an argument. Matt Berkey called out Jonathan Little for some of his poker strategy, and it might have changed the way that the latter performed.

In the 2024 PokerGO Cup finale, it was Little that put on a great show to get past all of the competitors that were in the event. The PokerGO Cup Series has been going on since last month, and there were some high-stakes games taking place. 

This win for Little came in Event #8 of the series in what was called the $25,200 No-Limit Hold’Em, and it came with a massive top prize. Little was able to rake in $453,750 with the win, and that was nearly half of all of the prize money handed out during the event.

There were 55 total points in the final event of the series, and Little was up against some terrific competitors. With so much at stake in terms of prize money, there were a number of big-name players that wanted to get in on the action. 

Series Title to Little

Not only was Little able to win the biggest event of the series, but he also took home the series by accumulating the most points. Entering a number of events was one way that Little rose to the top, but he also managed to win two of the eight events that were played.

He finished the PokerGO Cup Series with 549 points, and he was able to win by nearly 100 points over David Peters. The decision did come down to the final hand that was played as Little needed to win in heads-up action to earn the series crown.

In total, Little won over $730,000 during the event as he was able to cash in four different times. Little is now up to more than $8.8 million in lifetime earnings in live poker, and it’s strange that anyone would choose to critique his playing style. 

He has been in the game for a long time, as some of his biggest cashes came over 15 years ago. Back in 2007, Little was able to win a WPT event that netted him over $1 million in cash. 

A Look at the Final Table

Winning the series title was not a guarantee for Little until the final hand was played, and things were a bit dicey for awhile. Little was quickly stuck with the smallest stack at the final table, and it looked as if Justin Zaki was starting to take control.

A win by Zaki would have made him the series champion, but ultimately Little was able to get back into the race as he made some great calls. When the final two players were left at the table, it was a neck-and-neck battle between Little and Zaki. 

Zaki eventually decided to go all-in with a King and seven of hearts, but that couldn’t match the Ace and three of clubs from Little. 


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