Lok Chan Plays His First WSOP Tournament and Wins $144,338 in 2022 WSOP Event No.35:$2,500 Mixed Big Bet

Event No.35:$2,500 Mixed Big Bet had three days of intense action. Yet, Drew Scott lost to Lok Chan in a heads-up battle at the 2022 World Series of Poker (WSOP) in Bally's and Paris Las Vegas. The big bet variants had 281 entrants who formed a $625,225 prize pool.

This was Chan's first time traveling from Hong Kong to Las Vegas to compete in the event. He went home with $144,338 after defeating all the other players.

The Final Table Results

  1. Lok Chan from Hong Kong – $144,338
  2. Drew Scott from Canada – $89,206
  3. Rami Boukai from the U.S. – $61,675
  4. Michael Trivett from the U.S. – $43,378
  5. Christopher Smith from the U.S.- $31,045
  6. Galen Hall from the U.S. – $22,617
  7. Aaron Kupin from the U.S. – $16,777

Action on Day 3

The day started when Andrew Robl left the event after the first hand. He tried to make a straight flush draw in No-Limit Five Card Draw High. But, Richard Ashby used his two pair to score a knockout.

A few players got lost in the day's first levels, such as Craig Chait, Michael Sayakinas, and Schuyler Thornton. Keith Lehr left the tournament in the 13th position, thus bringing it to two tables.

Ryan Moriarty, Patrick Leonard, Renan Bruschi, Scott Bohlman, and Ashby hit the rail fast before the final table was set. Moriarty lost to Scott's nine-eight, thus leaving the remaining seven players in an unofficial final table.

Aaron Kupin got eliminated in seventh place when he drew one using eight-seven in a No-Limit 2-7 Single Draw. Unfortunately, Rami Boukai knocked out his queen.

Galen Hall exited the tournament in sixth place after Scott made a Pot-Limit Omaha 8 or Better wheel. Christopher Smith followed him after drawing an eight-five in lowball.

Still, Chan's nine-six beat his ace when he tried to peel it. Michael Trivett left the event in fourth place after Scott scooped him in Omaha 8 or Better.

Boukai tried to make a No-Limit Five Card Draw High straight and ended three-handed play after missing the draw. Scott's two pair sent him packing in third place.

The remaining two players battled it out for almost an hour. Chan thrilled his fans when he defeated Scott's pocket kings in the No-Limit Hold'em after catching runner-runner tens.

Chan's Reaction

Chan is a 22-year-old poker pro who has played the game for several years. He told PokerNews that he has played professional poker for seven years. His brother taught him how to play the game when he was 15 years old.

Besides this being the winner's first visit to Vegas, it gave him the chance to compete in mixed games in a live poker tournament format. Even so, he has gained more interest in variants later after playing online poker.

Chan revealed that he doesn't win huge cash prizes nowadays, thus making him like mixed online games. This was his first to play live. He stated that when he was a teenager, he traveled to Taiwan to play several live tournaments and would withdraw.

Chan was glad to be alive and get an opportunity to win a bracelet. He intends to compete in other 2022 WSOP events to win another bracelet.


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