Many American Players Prefer Playing Deuces Wild Video Poker Than Blackjack

Deuces Wild video poker and blackjack are common in most casinos in the United States. Yet, a large number of players opt to play Deuces Wild instead of blackjack due to the following five reasons.

Irresistible Long-term Odds

Typically, a Deuces Wild machine with an appropriate table and strategy has a return of about 99.73 percent. A small number of blackjack games have the same return. Most of them have a return ranging from 98 percent to 99.5 percent.

This might seem to be a subtle difference, but it ends up being a lot of money in the long run. For instance, if a player bets $120,000 in a year while playing a blackjack game whose return is 99 percent, they will lose $1,200. Yet, if they wagered a similar amount playing Deuces Wild with a 99.73 percent return, they would only lose $324.

Experienced players recommend looking at several numbers before you assume that you will never lose $120,000 on video poker or blackjack.

Clear Odds Calculations

Deuces Wild comprises 52 cards. This will help you improve the starting hand with five cards.

If someone has the 10 of clubs, jack, king, and queen, they have five opportunities to finish a royal flush. An ace of cubs or deuce completes the royal flush, while drawing the nine of clubs completes a straight flush.

The deck will have 47 remaining cards. Thus, six out of them will finish a straight or royal flush, while seven cards will complete a flush. It is possible to run any hand's odds that you have drawn while using the cards, which can give you a paying hand among the remaining 47 cards.

No One Else Is Playing

At times, players want privacy when they gamble, especially when they are on an online gaming site. But, if you visit a brick-and-mortar casino to play blackjack, it is difficult to play alone at the table, as you will compete with the dealer. Even so, you can trace a video poker machine that allows you to play without interacting with someone else.

Simplified Bonus-Profit Calculations

Some players use a game's return percentage to determine how much they lost. You can subtract its return percentage from 100 percent; multiply the result by your stake to calculate your loss.

Casinos have varying terms for Deuces Wild bonuses. For example, an operator can award players a bonus when they wager $500 on a Deuces Wild game and deposit $500. They will need you to wager 100 times your bonus and deposit amount, which is equal to $100,000.

Small Bet Limits

Blackjack tables in some land-based casinos have $10 entry wagers, while others have limits that start from $20. The same casinos have Deuces Wild machines that take quarters and cost players $1.25 for five-coin wagers. Gamblers who play online can find blackjack tables that cost $1 per hand and Deuces Wild video poker games that allow them to play five coins on each hand.

Deuces Wild is a perfect choice for players who want to play a game with a high winning probability and low house edge. Blackjack requires players to spend long hours learning different playing strategies. Still, each player needs to pick machines that have an ideal paytable.


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