Marriott, MGM Announce Partnership

The gaming industry is no stranger to partnerships, and those deals tend to lead to some great new benefits for the consumer. That is going to be the case yet again after a new partnership is finalized between Marriott International and MGM Resorts International. 

This is going to be a little bit different than some of the other recent partnerships that have been formed in the industry as this one is going to focus on the loyalty rewards side of things. Each company already had a terrific rewards program, but the new deal will combine 

News of this partnership has been circulating for some time, but details are finally starting to trickle out about what is to come. Anyone that is currently a Gold member on the MGM Rewards system will be able to register for Marriott Bonvoy Silver Elite status. 

For anyone that is on a higher level of MGM Rewards, they would also be able to move up the ladder on the Marriott Bonvoy system. Those points are going to remain through 2024, but everything is going to start over again in 2025.

The new MGM Collection with Marriott Bonvoy system is going to go live soon, but an exact date was not announced. This launch should have already happened, but a ransomware attack caused some issued within the system. 

Both Sides Hope to Benefit

This partnership was first announced last July, but both companies have been working hard on their end to ensure that they are getting something out of it. As soon as the partnership officially goes live, all of the domestic MGM properties are going to be available for booking on the Marriott website. 

It’s going to take some time before all of the properties are listed, but it should happen at some point in 2024. Travelers are always looking to rack up rewards points for simply staying in a hotel, and this new partnership will allow that to happen. 

MGM Resorts International is hoping that the new partnership will attract more visitors to the properties in Las Vegas as there is always steep competition. Marriott doesn’t really have anything to lose with this partnership, as it has already been handing out points for anyone that has booked. 

MGM Resorts has always done a great job of incorporating hotel stays into it’s rewards program, and this is just going to be another way to get that done. 

Other Key Details

Initially, this new partnership is going to benefit the more than 40 million people that already have an MGM Rewards account. Those members can simply link their account to the Marriott Bonvoy system and start racking up the points immediately. 

Marriott Bonvoy customers are not going to be able to pick up points with MGM Rewards, until they sign up for a new account. Those customers can still earn points to earn free stays at MGM properties, but it will not unlock the full potential of this new partnership. 

This will be a news story to follow in the coming months as there will be several new things added for customers. 


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