Massive Online Casino Revenue in December 2023

The month of January is nearly over, but the final totals from online casino gambling in December 2023 are just rolling in. It didn’t take long to announce that there was a record online casino handle last month, but the revenue numbers are extremely impressive as well. 

There are still just six states with legal online casino gambling, and those states combined for $590 million in revenue in one single month. All of the states were able to chip in to set this new record, but a majority of the revenue came from Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. 

The total revenue generated from online casinos in the six states was over $6 billion, and that also shattered the record that was set in 2022. The previous record for total revenue in a month was $557.2 million and that was set during the month of November. 

Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania all set records for monthly revenue, with the first two states becoming the first to go over $180 million in a single month. The final total was close between Michigan and New Jersey, but Michigan was able to come out on top. 

Eventually there will be more states that are going to join the legal online casino gambling industry as lawmakers see how profitable of an industry it has become. Some states offer intrastate poker between them, and that has helped to create a surge in revenue as well. 

Golden Nugget Leads in New Jersey

When the state of New Jersey announces the revenue leaders for each month it only lists the casinos that hold the online licenses. Golden Nugget Casino has partners in BetRivers, Betway, and FanDuel, and it racked the most revenue in the final month of 2023. 

With $52.8 million in revenue for the month of December, Golden Nugget become the first in the state to go over $50 million in monthly revenue. Borgata Casino had been leading the way in yearly revenue, but the massive month from Golden Nugget allowed it to finish the year on top. 

Resorts Digital was another group that had a massive 2023 as it won over $500 million last year. New Jersey is home to the most online casino options, and there is actually room for some more in the future. 

No Surprise in Michigan Leader

When the Michigan Gaming Control Board announced the totals for the month of December, there was no surprise in the operator that led the way. FanDuel had a strong finish to the year and it posted a total revenue of $405 million in 2023. 

It is a good thing that FanDuel continues to see so much growth in the state as the three online casinos based in Detroit did not perform that well. While each online casino was still able to put up some good numbers, the total revenue actually dipped from 2022. 

The state of Michigan brought in $354 million in tax revenue last year, and that was nearly $70 million more than what was brought in throughout the entire 2022 calendar year. 


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