MGM Resorts Now Offering Gas Service in Las Vegas

Every business owner knows that the best way to stay in operation is to treat customers with kindness and provide the best services imaginable. If guests feel welcome and treated well, they are more willing to come back again and again. In Las Vegas, MGM Resorts is trying a new tactic to bring in much-needed traffic to its casino properties. Guests of any MGM Resort venue in Sin City can now fuel up their vehicles in the parking garage, before or after gambling, whenever they like.

Bringing Back Customers

Right before summer kicked off, MGM Resorts decided to provide free parking to guests, hoping players would come back as the venues were opening back up after the COVID-19 pandemic closure. Valet remains out of service due to the virus. The hope was that with free parking, more people would be willing to visit.

Now, MGM is trying another tactic. The company has partnered with Fuelster, a unique on-demand fuel service provider. Guests of the casino can download the Fuelster application on their mobile device to get started. The gas door of their car needs to be open after it has been parked in the garage of a MGM casino.

From there, guests can schedule a fill-up. Players do not have to pay a membership fee or delivery fee to fuel up. According to the provider, the prices for fuel are similar to what would be paid at a local gas station.

MGM Resorts sees the option as a great way to use technology to enhance the experience of guests. The new amenity will help players to enjoy a more convenient visit to Las Vegas, according to MGM Resorts senior vice president of sports & sponsorships Lance Evans.

Travel Numbers are Down

Overall, travel numbers are down in Las Vegas. Over the past few months, visitor volume in Las Vegas has continued to be on the low end. Through October, the percentage dropped to just over 54%. The traffic that the city is seeing is coming from nearby Arizona and California. The area relies on air travel, but most people are still not comfortable with flying due to the coronavirus.

Right now, Nevada is experiencing a high level of positive coronavirus cases. The number of positive cases has increased as well as the hospitalizations. The state also recently saw a record number of daily deaths.

With the new fuel service by MGM, it provides a great way to avoid possible contamination of the virus. Fuel pump handles as well as the keypads for payment are considered hot spots for catching the virus. With the gas service via MGM, it is one less detail travelers have to worry about and it is a safe way to get gas while traveling.

We shall see if any travelers decide to use this service and if it was a smart decision to implement by MGM. Only time will tell if traveler numbers will increase and how the region will be impacted over the next few months as the virus remains a problem.

Rebecca Kont
Rebecca Kont

Rebecca lives in Las Vegas and after completing her degree at Reynolds Journalism school joined the USGS team to pursue her journalism dreams.