Michael Addamo Wins $2,100 Sunday Heater Special Edition at GGPoker

Michael Addamo is a regular player at high-roller tournaments. He won huge cash prizes in high roller events in 2021. Still, he won a GGPoker Super MILLION$ title and a €50,000 EPT Barcelona High Roller title in 2022.

The poker pro stunned his fans this weekend when he won $36,973 this weekend in the $2,100 Sunday Heater Special Edition at GGPoker. The tournament attracted 65 entrants who formed a $130,000 prize pool.

Addamo won almost a third of its pot including bounties. Other online poker players who competed in the event but failed to reach the final table included Niklas Astedt, Simon Mattsson, Benjamin Rolle, and Eelis Parssinen.

The $2,100 Sunday Heater Special Edition's Final Table Results

  1. Michael Addamo from Hong Kong – a $36,973 total prize; $24,437 bounties and a $12,536 prize
  2. Artur Martirosian from Mexico – a $20,398 total prize; $7,875 bounties and a $12,523 prize
  3. Ink4Day from Liechtenstein – a $22,355 total prize; $12,062 bounties and a $10,293 prize
  4. Konstantin Maslak from Russia – a $11,205 total prize; $2,750 bounties and an $8,455 prize
  5. Christian Rudolph from Austria – a $7,446 total prize; $500 bounties and a $6,946 prize
  6. Vlad Martynenko from Ukraine – a $6,706 total prize; $1,000 bounties and a $5,706 prize
  7. David Miscikowski from Mexico – a $5,187 total prize; $500 bounties and a $4,687 prize
  8. Amir Barer from Canada – a $6,600 total prize; $2,750 bounties and a $3,850 prize

Action at the Final Table

Amir Barer was the first player to earn some money and bounties after finishing eighth. He took home $6,600 in total. David Miscikowski and Vlad Martynenko followed Barer in seventh and sixth place, respectively, with $5,187 and $6,706.

Christian Rudolph's run ended in fifth place, earning him $7,446. Each of the remaining four finalists was assured of winning five-figure prizes. But, they were reduced to three after Konstantin Maslak exited the tournament in fourth place.

Ink4Days finished third with $22,355. His departure set up a heads-up battle between Addamo and Martirosian.

The two players have clashed many times in the past like in the $10,300 Super MILLION$. Each of them has won five titles in the series. Even so, Addamo beat Martirosian and sent him packing with $20,398.

Doug Lang Wins a Six-Figure Prize

Doug "2CoSalamanca" Lang won $120,330 and a title in the $1,050 GGMasters High Rollers. The tournament attracted 955 players who formed a $955,000 prize pool. The huge pool guaranteed each final table player a five-figure score.

The $1,050 GGMasters High Rollers' Final Table Results

  1. Doug "2CoSalamanca" Lang from Canada – $120,330
  2. Bernhard Haider from Austria – $115,943
  3. Justin Bonomo from Canada – $75,928
  4. WienerBlut2022 from Austria – $56,938
  5. Marcelo "Grellaar 710" Bernadino from Brazil – $42,697
  6. Lachezar "Psychedelica" Petkov from Poland – $32,018
  7. Pablo Silva from Brazil – $24,010
  8. Marcelo "MasesNeto" Aziz from Brazil – $18,005
  9. widder from Argentina – $13,502

Action at the Final Table

widder was the first finalist to leave the final table. He won $13,502, and Marcelo "MasesNeto" Aziz followed him in eighth place with $18,055. Pablo Brito Silva finished seventh, and pay jumps started growing.

Lachezar "Psychedelica" Petkov finished sixth and Marcelo "Grellaaar 710" Bernardino's run ended in fifth place. WienerBlut2022 finished fourth and won $56,938.

Justin Bonomo is famous for his stellar performance when he is among the top three players at major poker events. But, the odds were against him this time as he got busted in third place with $75,928.

His elimination set up a heads-up match between Bernhard Haider and Lang. But they reached a deal that assured each of them of winning over $100,000. Lang won the table and received $120,330, while Haider finished as the runner-up with $115,943.


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