Michael Frierson Reaps Big From His $120 Satellite Buy-In in Tuesday’s WPT bestbet Scramble

Michael Frierson is a Floridian player who occasionally plays poker for recreation. He signed up for the $5,000 Buy-In World Poker Tour (WPT) bestbet Scramble and finished fourth.

The player stunned his supporters when he won $123,900 after making a $120 satellite buy-in hence getting an over 1,000 return on investment (ROI). Yet, his home is a few kilometers from bestbet Jacksonville, a renowned poker room in the country.

Frierson’s Inaccurate Timing

Frierson proposed a chop before playing his last hand at the tournament. However, the then-stack leader opposed it. Therefore, Frierson got a A♥Q♣ which was strong in four-handed action.

He stated after the event that his proposal indicated that he is concerned about money. Frierson picked ace-queen in the next hand and made a small raise since he had two big stacks. He hoped his opponents would consider his idea and pressure him.

Even so, his idea was realistic. Heng Zhang made a button call after making a 150,000 raise. Then, Frederic Normand placed an 800,000 three-bet from a small blind.

Frierson opted to make a 3,200,000 all-in jam before clashing with Normand’s K♦K♣. the J♣3♥2♥6♣2♠ board didn’t help him and he finished fourth. However, the player would fold a flop wager and remain with 40 big blinds if he decided to call against a three-bet rather than shoving.

Its rare for a 1,000x ROI to have a negative. Frierson topped a $120 buy-in satellite before competing and winning the $580 satellite. The recent payout he got wasn’t his first six-figure payout.

He was the fourth player in the 2023 Winter Series Open’s $2,000 buy-in bestbet Jacksonville tournament and took home $33,366. The Hendon Mob shows that he has $185,000 in poker event earnings.

His Personal Life and Passion for Poker

Frierson partners with his wife in construction management and group sales. He hinted that he would use his latest prize prudently. The player believes that it is wise to save and settle bills even though some people claim it is boring.

The Floridian player stated that he had many ideas on how to spend the $33,366 he won several months ago. He was in a dilemma on whether to use the money to pay debts and eventually learned a lesson from that experience.

Frierson isn’t fond of visiting distant cities to play poker. But he is willing to make a few trips either in Harrah’s Cherokee or Hard Rock.

His close friends state that he loves playing at bestbet Jacksonville due to its accessibility. Besides, it allows him to visit the poker room with his family.

Frierson won’t be in the WPT Champions Club since he missed the latest tournament’s top prize. But his score greatly improved his previous financial status and he might win the Mike Sexton WPT Champions Trophy in the future.


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