Michigan Gaming Regulators Offer Self-Exclusion Tool

In most every region of the world where online gambling is legalized, there are protections in place to keep players safe from harm. Such options include self-exclusion tools where players can choose to limit their gameplay or even stop access altogether. In Michigan, even though the industry is only just over a month old, there is a Responsible Gambling Database option so players can limit themselves as needed.

Responsible Gambling Database

The database is a self-exclusion tool that online casinos and sportsbooks in the state can use to help players avoid gambling harm. As of right now, there have been zero applications filled out for the program. Online gambling officially started on January 22. As the industry is new, it would not be expected that the list would be filled this early on.

For players who want to use the self-exclusion tool, it is quite simple. You can submit a separate application for the online casino and sportsbooks in the state or choose to self-exclude yourself from both. The application can be filled out whether you have an account at any of the sites or not.

The period of self-exclusion in Michigan will last from one to five years. When the period expires, the applicant is removed from the list. Applicants will not be placed on any of the self-exclusion lists until the processing of an application is completed. It can take up to 45 days to be added and an email or letter will be provided based on contact options listed by the individual.

Players who are already on the state’s Exclusion of Persons list will be added to the database. This list consists of people who have been convicted of certain crimes. The same individuals are not allowed to enter a casino unless they have permission from the state Gaming Control Board or have been given permission by the court.

Individuals who are on the Disassociated Persons List will not be added to the Responsible Gambling Database and must add themselves if desired.

What Other Options Are Available?

There are other tools offered by operators in Michigan that allow players to limit their accounts. Different operators offer varying options, such as time limit breaks. Players also have the option to self-exclude from an individual site.

One operator offering services in Michigan is BetMGM. They recently launched a new program last year known as PlayPause. This tool allows players to keep players from accessing online gaming in the state, but also not to play in other states that offer the same services. The blanket blockage is a good tool so that players don’t simply move from state to state to try and access online gaming.

Apps offered in the state also provide a responsible gambling section. Here, players can find options for setting deposit limits, as well as wagering limitations, and time frames. By utilizing this section, players can stay on a budget and avoid overspending as well as playing for longer than they need to in order to save funds.


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