Miller Odds: Will the Linebacker Remain in Denver Next Season?

It’s hard imagining linebacker Von Miller in any NFL uniform that doesn’t belong to the Denver Broncos. The 31-year-old has played nine seasons with the Broncos. In that time, he has been a seven-time All-Pro player, he was on the Super Bowl 50 Championship roster and he was also the Super Bowl MVP.

As the free agency period approaches in less than two weeks and Miller has an option on his contract. If the Broncos don’t take it, he will be an unrestricted free agent.

As of March 3, Bovada is leaning towards Miller staying in Denver at -220. However, will they be willing to pay a player who missed the entirety of the 2020 NFL Season?

Where Will Von Miller Play For Game 1 Of The 2021 NFL Regular Season?

Odds via Bovada as of Wednesday, March 3

  • Denver Broncos -220
  • Green Bay Packers +500
  • Cleveland Browns +550
  • Buffalo Bills +600
  • Tennessee Titans +700
  • Las Vegas Raiders +1400
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +1500

Will the Broncos Take the Option?

Normally, it would be a no-brainer for the Broncos to pick up Miller’s option that’ll see him having a $22.2 million cap hit in 2021. However, Miller missed the entire 2020 season with a “freak” ankle injury. Nobody knows how he’ll look or play next season. The Broncos may not want to gamble their money on that uncertainty. Yes, the Broncos and Miller have been loyal to each other since his career began. But it may be time for a new era in Denver as the team rebuilds and he may not fit in the picture anymore.

The team knows what Miller was capable of. The only question is: can he get back to that type of player? The Broncos could always try to restructure his contract.

The only issue is that he may not want a lower salary after seeing J.J. Watt sign a two-year, $31 million contract with the Arizona Cardinals. If the Broncos don’t want to pay Miller and he thinks he can get that Watt-type money on the open market, he just may take the risk.

Packers Missed Watt, Could Miller Be Next?

Before Watt shocked everyone by signing with the Cardinals, the Green Bay Packers were one of the favorites to land him. With that dream over, the Packers may take a look at Miller. After all, they’re looking to improve their defense this offseason. A potential Miller-signing would be a risk, but what if it worked out?

In 2019, Miller had eight sacks and 20 quarterback hits. While neither statistic was close to his career-highs, he’s still shown that he has defensive value. If you compare those stats to what Watt had last season, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Miller could get a similar contract. Plus, as one of the greatest defensive players in the last decade, Miller would be able to help mentor the Packers’ young linebackers going forward.

Browns Could Make a Play for Miller

Like the Packers, the Cleveland Browns were another team that missed out on signing Watt. The team made serious improvements in 2020, making it all the way to the AFC Divisional round. Now, the Browns may try to take it to the next level in 2021 and Miller could help them do that.

The NFL world knows that Miller has the pedigree to make a deep postseason run. He’s already proven that with a Super Bowl MVP. So, if the Browns take that experience and skill (if he bounces back from his injury) and add that to a defense that already has Myles Garrett on it, the rest of the league could be in trouble.

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