Mohegan Digital Launches in Pennsylvania

Mohegan Digital has announced that it is now live with an online casino experience in the state of Pennsylvania, a move that will continue to grow its brand. This new online casino can be accessed at, and there are plenty of great games available. 

Those that are of legal age in the state of Pennsylvania will be eligible to access the online casino through a desktop computer or through the mobile app. When logging on to the site, players are immediately going to be blown away with all of the options that are available. 

There are over 500 online casino games currently available, and that number is expected to grow to 700 by the end of the summer. Mohegan Digital has plenty of experience in other markets, and that will allow it to launch without missteps in the state. 

This is now the fourth North American launch for Mohegan Digital as the online casino is also available in Connecticut, New Jersey, and Ontario. Mohegan was able to launch its online casino in Pennsylvania after Unibet announced that it was pulling out of the iGaming industry in North America. 

A Look at the Games

While this might be just the fourth online market for Mohegan Digital in North America, there is plenty of other online experience elsewhere. With over 500 games available, there are going to be a number of great options for players to choose from. 

Most of the games are going to be of the online slots variety, but Mohegan will also offer table games and live dealer games. There won’t be as many live dealer games as some other operators, but they are expected to be popular options. 

Mohegan has also launched the Momentum Program, and that is a loyalty rewards program for the top players in the state. Players will be able to rack up points that can then be cashed in for some great prizes. 

Unibet is Out

This was not a surprise launch from Mohegan Digital as an initial announcement was made back in January. The Mohegan Pennsylvania Casino Resort has always had an online skin in the state, but that was previously operated by Unibet. 

Once Unibet announced plans to leave the United States altogether, Mohegan Digital began to make moves to start this process. In order to get a nice customer base right away, Mohegan reached out to customers of Unibet to inform them of this change. 

This created a seamless transition for those customers as they were able to continue playing and everything was just transferred over to Mohegan Digital. There will be plenty of interest in the online casino from Mohegan as this casino is one of the top options in the state of Pennsylvania.

The move from Unibet to leave North America was a simple one, as they just weren’t able to make enough money to stay relevant. They are still a massive name in the UK, and they will focus on remaining a top option in that part of the world. 


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