Murthy Wins Big at Wynn Millions

The 2024 Wynn Millions event was recently held, and this was an event that attracted plenty of poker players to Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas. Neel Murthy was the man that emerged victorious at this event, and he was awarded a massive cash prize for his efforts. 

There were 1,180 players that signed up to compete in this event, and that pushed the total prize pool way past the guarantee. Even though the buy-in was set at $3,500, a massive number of entrants allowed the prize pool to increase by nearly $750,000. 

Since the prize pool became so large, more than 150 players were able to take home a cash prize, and six players won at least $100,000. All of them were looking up to Murthy at the end of the event as he collected more than $502,000 with a first place finish. 

2024 has already been a massive year for both live and online poker events, but this event stands out for a number of reasons. Not only was a ton of money handed out, but there were valuable Player of the Year points given out as well. 

Murthy Cashes In

This was the second biggest live poker win of his career for Murthy, with the biggest win coming all the way back in 2016. He is someone that continues to challenge other top players in most events, but he hadn’t won this much since taking home $668,500 in the Asia Championship of Poker tournament eight years ago. 

Despite the two big wins throughout his career, Murthy has collected just $1.6 million, and he will be looking to increase that number moving forward. Murthy was also given 1,440 Card Player Player of the Year points, and that has put him in 31st place at the moment. 

By being in this position, Murthy could actually be looking to enter some bigger events throughout the year. Murthy is from California, and was able to make the quick trip to Las Vegas in order to compete in this tournament. 

Some Great Poker Action

There were three flights that got the action started in this event, and then players had to continue to advance through four more days of action. While there weren’t a ton of the biggest names in live poker at this tournament, there were still some accomplished players. 

While most events try to have at least nine players available on the final day, there were just five at the final table in this event. Murthy began the final day with a massive lead, and he was able to hold off attempts from other players to make a move. 

Christopher Frank ended up in second place in this tournament, and he didn’t really have much of a chance once heads up play began. Frank was able to make a deal to take home at least $500,000 with a second place finish as he was able to keep enough pressure on Murthy at the final table.


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