n10s99 Wins 888poker’s The Festival Online

n10s99 won the recent The Festival Online tournament that 888poker held. It attracted 973 players who formed a $100,000 prize pool. n10s99 won $14,026 after making a heads-up deal with Artur1965.

What Were the Event's Top Prizes?

  1. n10s99 from Brazil-$14,026
  2. Artur1965 from Lithuania-$12,743
  3. Farrugia_1 from Malta-$8,300
  4. ITATAPUH from Kazakhstan-$6,150
  5. JustAnNPC-$4,550
  6. ob1wahn from Germany-$3,400
  7. R2Rka from Ukraine-$2,560
  8. Elmaneke21 from Romania-$1,940
  9. Michael_mdlb from brazil-$1,480

Action at the Final Table

The champion was sixth in the chip standings with 29 big blinds when he advanced to the final table. Luck and his skillful play helped him improve his position gradually.

Michael_mdlb had the second smallest stack at the final table. Still, he was the first player to get busted, a few minutes after the table's action kicked off. He got pocket sevens and decided to move all—ins, winning antes, and the blinds.

Even so, Michael_mdlb used pocket seven to make a 10.5 big blinds all-in move. Artur1965 used pocket kings to wake up on the button before placing a three-bet to isolate Michael_mdlb. A queen-high board ended the latter's run in ninth place.

Elmaneke21 followed Michael_mdlb in the eighth position after being the shortest stack earlier in the day. They used pocket tens from under the gun to make 11.8 big blinds open-shove as ob1wahn used pocket aces to make a big blind snap-call. The latter flopped a set before improving to quads on the river, sending Elmaneke21 packing.

R2Rka finished seventh when they lost a big portion of their stack after using King-queen to shove into pocket aces. ob1wahn exited the tournament in the sixth position after using ace-seven to make an 11.6 big blinds jam from the button when JustAnNPC used pocket jacks to call from the small blind.

The latter turned a jack that locked that hand and busted ob1wahn. JustAnNPC finished fifth after using a pair of tens in the hole to make 3.2 big blinds raise in the small blind. n10s99 used ace-king suited to make a 7.6 big blinds three-bet and later called after JustAnNPC ripped in 23.6 big blinds.

JustAnNPC's run ended after an ace on the turn increased n10s99's stack to over 80 big blinds. ITATAPUH finished fourth after using pocket kings in the big blind to call off 10.4 big blinds when n10s99 used pocket kings in the big blind to open-shove from the button.

ITATAPUH made a top set flop as the board gave n10s99 a six-high straight when it went runner-runner. Farrugia_1 left the table in third place with $8,300 after using ace-six of clubs to call all-in when n10s99 used queen-seven to make a 16 big blinds open-shove effective from the small blind. The former flopped a six and the latter spiked a seven.

n10s99 had a chip advantage over Artur1965 when their heads-up action began. But, the latter got the lead after the first few confrontations and they negotiated a deal.

Artur1965 used ace-four of hearts to min-raise and n10s99 used ace-trey of clubs to call. The latter made a 1.4 big blind continuation bet check-raise to four big blinds. Artur1965 missed a fold on the offsuit eight river and finished second with $12,743 as n10s99 won the $100,000 Big Shot 109 Champion and $14,026.


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