NBA News and Notes: Bagley and Winslow See Their Seasons End Early

Marvin Bagley III was the #2 pick in a loaded 2019 NBA Draft Class. He was selected ahead of Trae Young and Luka Doncic. But he has had a hard time staying healthy in the NBA.

Justise Winslow only played in 11 games for the Heat. He was their main return piece for Jae Crowder and Andre Iguodala, but will not play at all in Orlando.

Bye-Bye Bagley

Appearing in only 13 games this year, it has been a tough season for Marvin Bagley. He had a big opening night, but got hurt in the game and had to miss multiple months. He has shuffled briefly into the lineup while mostly being sidelined.

He could have added some significant value to the Kings after his breakout at the end of last season. Bagley averaged 14 points and eight rebounds in 334 minutes this year, identical to that of his totals a year ago.

The Kings have been starting Nemanja Bjelica and Richaun Holmes up front for several months, a pairing that has put up solid value for the Kings. Each guy brings plenty to the table, so their roles will remain significant.

Bagley will be out now because of a foot sprain that he recently sustained in practice. It’s unfortunate for both Marvin and the team. Perhaps he’ll be able to avoid any injuries in 20-21.

No Justise for Mr. Winslow

Justise Winslow just turned 24 in March. He had shown some promising signs in his years with Miami, improving his game tremendously during his time there.

He became their point guard and also proved that he could, in fact, knock down the jumper. He seemed to be pretty well-liked by his teammates, but they wanted to save a little money. He fit the bill in the Andre Iguodala trade to move him to Memphis.

In all, Justise appeared in only 11 games this year. His injuries also played a big part in the breakout season of Duncan Robinson, who was in the right place at the right time.

Winslow averaged 32 minutes per appearance, posting a career-high with nearly seven rebounds per game and four assists. This season will be the second year of his career in which he appears in fewer than 20 total games.

Winslow could have added value as both a guard and a forward off the bench for the Grizzlies. Potentially even pushing Kyle Anderson for starting minutes.

Tyus Jones has been great as a Ja Morant replacement, but Winslow adds height and perhaps a little more of an offensive touch. It won’t matter now, because these are all hypotheticals. The hope will be that he stays healthy and comes ready to play next year.

Rondo Return Very Likely

This return is not surprising at all, given that Rajon Rondo was slated to miss 6-8 weeks with the thumb injury he suffered in one of the first Lakers practices in Orlando. He brings great playoff experience and a lot of grit to the floor.

Rondo remains a key to their title hopes, as he has delivered big playoff appearances in his career. In Chicago, he had the team up 2-0 on a very tough Celtics roster. He went down, and they would drop four consecutive games from there.

In his one year with the Pelicans, he played a big part in the first-round sweep of the TrailBlazers. And we can’t just forget how good he was in Boston. Two trips to the finals, and a few others to the conference finals. Rondo was an absolute beast on both ends of the floor, and an elite passer.


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